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    Does anyone have any information on the new Luxilon Nat. gut that is suppose to come out soon?
    Just wondering if it is much different than the popular ones out now.
    Since Luxilon is a distributor of Wilson, I was wondering if Luxilon would be supplying Wilson with nat. gut as well in future, as I was told the now Wilson Gut is made by Babolat. If that happens the the Wilson gut would be different than the now Wilson gut, I would assume?
    I do string a decent amount of nat. gut

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    Wilson is the distributor of Luxilon. 😉 Was it Forten that handled US distribution of Luxilon before Wilson managed to get the global distribution gig of Luxilon?


    Tim Strawn

    The new Luxilon natural gut is rumored to be available in January and will be distributed by Wilson, along with all other Luxilon strings. The string was introduced to the IART group by Nico Van Malderan and Thierry Belytiens of Luxilon at this year’s symposium in Chicago this past September.

    A couple of unique things about the string are (1) it comes in a re-sealable package which is nice for storing half-sets and (2) the string is marked in the center of the set with a green dot so the technician can easily find and cut the string for hybrid use.

    The production process is unique and renders a final product that, unlike other natural gut strings, does not kink easily. In fact, each of us were given a short piece of the new Luxilon gut and a competitors model so we could bend it and actually see the difference and if you’ve been stringing gut for a long time it was an eye opener when the string did not kink.

    We’ve tested 9 different sets of natural gut that can be found in our string characteristics DB with the lowest elongation at 7.39 for the Prince natural gut and the highest being the Babolat VS Touch 16 at 9.85. The new Luxilon string tested at 8.76


    Has anyone measured the length of the Luxilon pack? Is it a true 40 feet or is it 12 meters (39 ft 4 in)?


    John Gugel

    John, I have measured Luxilon Natural Gut and it is 40 feet. The package shows a length of 12.2 meters (40.02 feet).

    The “center” mark on one set was off by about .187 inch (4.8mm)!



    Thanks John. Nice to find one that is true 40 feet and not just 12 meters.


    John Jacob

    Let me recast this question in a slightly different way. TW now stocks both Luxilon and Wilson branded beef serosa fiber natural gut in both 17/1.25 and 16/1.30 gauges. With the Wilson string, it appears to replace their previous, and more costly, natural gut. (At least it does in TW inventory.)

    Does anyone know if these new strings under different brand names are exactly the same? If so, why would anyone purchase the Luxilon as it is $3 more per set?


    Tim Strawn

    I’ll have an answer for you soon on this John. Just need to verify a couple of things first


    Tim Strawn

    John Jacob – verification from Wilson Global Manager for strings – the Wilson natural gut and the Luxilon natural gut are not the same string. They are two different strings. I’m working on the details and will post when available


    John Jacob

    Thanks, Tim. Since I posted my question, I have had a chance to string a set of each brand and have noticed some apparent differences. I have not yet hit with either string but hope to do so this week.


    Tim Strawn

    John I have confirmed that both the Wilson and the Luxilon natural gut are made in Belgium. Wilson gut used to be made in France but that is no longer the case. They are both now made in the same place.

    The Luxilon natural gut differs from the Wilson in that it has an extra wrap and this was done to promote it for hybrid use. That’s also why the string comes with a nifty green mark on the center of the string so it can be easily cut for hybrid use without having to measure for a half set. The additional wrap makes sense because when you’re hybridizing natural gut with some of todays textured strings it’s pretty tough on the natural gut so that extra wrap adds another layer for durability.

    Wilson is recommending that you use the Luxilon for hybrids and the Wilson natural gut for full string beds however, IMHO, I think if you have a player using all natural gut and maybe they’re harder on strings or perhaps using a racquet with a more open string pattern then I would go with the Luxilon for added durability.

    More to come on this later…….


    John Gugel

    I have installed several sets of Luxion Natural gut, both 16 and 17 gauge, in full beds and hybrid formats. I will post some interesting data related to the differences(s)between Babolat VS Team and Luxilon Natural gut 17 gauge.

    This data is based on the actual play with an objective assessment of all the formats.

    I can tell you at this moment that neither brand gets along well with the 16 x 16 string pattern used on the Head Adaptive Speed! Both full sets gave up at the three (3) hour mark. The same setup in the 16 x 19 pattern was approaching twenty (20) hours!

    More detail coming!


    I wonder what Roger Federer will use now as the now new Wilson Nat. gut is a different formula made elsewhere, as he used Champions Choice that had the old Wilson gut. Seems now there is no more of this string ( The Old Wilson nat. gut) if I am reading all this correctly. As the old Wilson Gut was made by Babolat with the pre BT7 change.


    John Gugel

    James, I bet Roger has a pretty good source of string he will like! Just a guess…

    I have installed a number of Luxilon Natural Gut sets for players (NOT Federer grade, however)and it a “toss-up” as to whether it is “better” than the previous suppliers. Frankly the Luxilon Natural Gut is quite good according to my players.

    Maybe someone will enlighten us!

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