Increase in Hybrid Stringing Driven by “Poly Pain” Says Tennis Industry Expert

Ashaway, RI – Roger Federer is often credited with starting the recent trend of tennis players using different string in the mains and crosses, known as hybrid stringing. The process is actually much older, but hybrid stringing has definitely been on the rise in recent years. According to stringing logs, 33% of players at Wimbledon [see more]

Arm Friendly Tennis Strings Are Not Just for Seniors Anymore

Ashaway, RI – It used to be that the dreaded ‘tennis elbow’ was a malady suffered by veteran players, seniors, or tennis fanatics who simply could not get enough. Now, with high-tech polyester strings and “spin” being all the rage, stress related wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries are being suffered by an increasing number of [see more]

Polyketones and the Generation of Dynamic Spin

My group discussion at the Florida Symposium was most enjoyable. One of the topics that generated the most interest was spin. In tennis these days—much like politics—spin is all the rage. Everybody wants to improve their “up and down” game, and play like the top pros with “heavy balls” that drop like stones just inside [see more]

Dynamic Stiffness: What Does it Measure?

Dynamic Stiffness: What Does it Measure?    For some time now, Ashaway has been claiming that our new Zyex®-based Monogut® ZX and Dynamite® tennis strings are “manmade polymer equivalents to natural gut.” But string manufacturers have been comparing their strings to natural gut for many years now: so much so, in fact, that the claim [see more]

Monofilament Tennis Strings-A Baseline for Symposium Roundtable

A Monofilament Tennis String Baseline  I’m looking forward to moderating a Round Table discussion on monofilament strings at this year’s Symposium on September 23rd at 7 pm. In preparation for this, I’ve had our Ashaway lab run some tests on a good cross-section of monofilament strings currently on the market, including the top sellers. I [see more]