Tell me about Kirschbaum…please.

Many, many years ago when I was stringing a lot of tournaments PolyStar was the polyester of choice, maybe because it was the only one!  This string was used, mostly, by European players at that time. Shortly thereafter Kirschbaum was the polyester of choice.  Kirschbaum seemed to have a pretty good run until Luxilon showed [see more]

Acelon Wildfire Hex 16

I received two new strings from Victory/Acelon Racquet Sports recently so I wanted to pass on some preliminary information. These strings have been added to the String Characteristic Data table where you can see more. The two (2) strings are Acelon Wildfire Hex 16 and Acelon Wildfire Hex 17.  As you probably guessed these are [see more]

Mantis String

In addition to the four (4) Mantis racquets I received to review I also got four (4) sets of string.  I have added the data to the “String Characteristic” tab so you can see where they  fall compared to other strings. One Mantis string that I find interesting is the Comfort Synthetic.  Interesting because I [see more]

New String Update!

I have added several strings to the “String Characteristics” data so I wanted to add a little narrative to these additions. The Dunlop Hexy Fibre is a unique construction and shape for a  multi-filament string.  The shape is hexagonal (six (6) sides) which makes this different.  The shape is obvious when the string is not [see more]

Babolat RPM Dual String

I just started the review of the new Babolat RPM Dual string.  The sets I am testing are 1.23mm (.0483) and forty (40) feet long.  The string is half black and half silver.  I believe this will be the Babolat competitor to Luxilon 4G. I have a lot more to do but I added this [see more]

Luxilon 4G – play test.

I was wondering if anyone has tried the new Luxilon 4G? We recently received a couple of seed sets, and were pleased with the string’s playability but felt that the RDC value fell too quickly, when Wilson claimed that 4G would hold tension longer. Our play testers felt that the string still exhibited good playing [see more]

A New Look at Ashaway Crossfire

I recently strung up a set of the new Ashaway Crossfire + string for a young client of mine. The hybrid set I used consists of a half set of the new Kevlar Plus 17 and a half set of Ashaway’s standard synthetic gut 17. I’ve always thought that the Ashaway Kevlar was king of [see more]

Ashaway MonoGut ZX Update (7/19/2012)

Ashaway MonoGut ZX 16 Thanks to Steve Crandall at Ashaway I received a few more sets of MonoGut 16 for continued evaluation.  The package is slightly different in that it now has the “ZX”  identification, and the verbiage is slightly different.  I was anxious to get started to see if there is any difference between [see more]

Gosen Polylon 18

I just posted the data for Gosen Polylon 18 in the “String Characteristc” review section.  This interesting string has good elongation for a polyester based string, and is perfectly clear!  

Ashaway MonoGut

I have been working with Ashaway MonoGut for several days and will post some interesting information in a few days. I did one racquet for a pro player today so I will have some valid feedback from a player in terms of durability, etc.  As you know IART and I do not publish “reports” based [see more]