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All About Natural Gut

For the average racquet stringer natural gut is the unsolved mystery; without doubt the string that always seems to strike fear into the less experienced stringer.The purpose of this writing is to allay those fears and provide the reader with the necessary information needed to understand this animal (pun intended). Photo at right of natural gut in drying [see more]

Wimbledon 2010 Updates

This morning I have spoken with Frances Davies of Bow Brand and have now set up a direct line of communications for news from the Wimbledon stringing cabin. Frances will be back at SW19 on Saturday and has agreed to supply us with some tid bits of information as the tournament progresses. So what’s the [see more]

Stringing Variables

As professional racquet technicians we’re often asked about what racquet, string, and tension a professional player might use. This usually comes from curios tennis fans, but in some cases, it’s quite possible that the recreational player who asks may feel that if they imitate their favorite pro that perhaps the level of their game will [see more]

Breaking Down The Stringing Machine

For obvious reasons the single most important piece of equipment a racquet technician needs is a stringing machine. The issue for most people is what machine to buy therefore, our goal is to provide you with as much detailed information as possible so you can make an informed decision. In this post we’re going to [see more]

About Strings

In the world of racquet sports it’s amazing to see how many players will be so concerned about what racquet they play with, going to great lengths to find that “perfect stick” for their game. Then, for reasons unknown to mankind, will give very little consideration as to the string or tension used. For the [see more]