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GSS Symposium Number Five

Well, the Fifth Annual IART Symposium just finished and most of us are home by now.  From my perspective this was the best one yet.  Be assured that nothing will ever compete with the first one in Texas but that is another story! This year the Attendees were really engaged! This year the Vendors/Sponsors were [see more]

Saddlebrook! Yes!

Tim and I spent the afternoon at Saddlebrook Resort getting ready for the symposium. It is hard to imagine what goes into putting on this kind of event. You would think after five of these it would be a no-brainer but it is not. Never a dull moment. If you have not attended this symposium [see more]

Alpha Phantom Pre-Review

I just finished setting up a new Alpha Phantom stringing machine, by myself, by the way, which says a lot for this machine!  My first impression is that this is the best looking offering so far from Alpha! The black, electronic machine has a few features that I like and at the proposed price point [see more]

Congratulations to Samantha Stosur-2011 U.S. Open Champion!

Everyone who has followed Sam Stosur over the last few years knew it was coming. It was inevitable. Stosur was going to win a Grand Slam title and it was just a matter of when, not if she would reach that milestone. After watching Serena Williams dismantle Caroline Wozniacki in straight sets in the semis [see more]

Do You Have a SOP?

Do you have a Standard Operating Procedure for your stringing operation?  I know everyone develops their own stringing technique but what about getting ready for the stringing? I have developed a certain procedure I use almost all of the time and it goes something like this: Most of my clients have multiple racquets done at [see more]

Records Shattered by 2011 U.S. Open Stringing Team

I remember when I spent some time with the Wilson stringing team in the very early stages. I served on that team from 2006 though 2008 and did 3 U.S. Opens during that time. My recollection is that 300+ racquets in one day was considered “humpin it” and I have to say, we were dog [see more]