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Wilson Pro Staff RF 97

By now I would think everyone has had the pleasure of seeing the new Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 racquet!  What a nice looking stick! I suppose there are many of you that have actually hit with one.  As you can see by the specs this is a significantly performance oriented racquet.   I know [see more]

Ashaway Sponsors Racquetball Legend Cliff Swain

Ashaway, RI – Racquetball great, leading coach, and now racquet manufacturer, Cliff Swain has become the latest player to join Ashaway Racket Strings’ roster of sponsored players. The Hall of Famer who currently coaches Maria Jose Vargas, Jose Rojas, and Coby Iwaasa among others, recently introduced his own name brand racquet and swears by Ashaway’s [see more]

Sponsor Spotlight 2014 IART Symposium – ERECA

The sponsors for the IART symposium are many and diverse and are what make the IART symposium so special. ERECA, based in Lyon, France is a collaboration between two young people with a passion for tennis. Eric Ferrazzi and Carine Meunier (thus the name ERE-CA). Eric has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering and Design [see more]

The New Federer Racquet

Many who have attended the IART symposium over the years have had the opportunity to spend some time with Wilson’s Ron Rocchi. Rocchi and Wilson have provided tremendous support for the symposium since it’s start in 2007 and they continue to play a key role in the development and progression of the event each year. [see more]

Can you please restring these-hurry I’ve got a match to play!


Ashaway’s MonoGut ZX Revisited

So here we are several months after the introduction of the Ashaway MonoGut ZX string and I thought it would be a good time for a revisit. For me personally, I’ve been having great results with this string with my clients and it’s also become my personal string go choice. I currently have a full [see more]

A Tennis Legend Leaves Us

I was very saddened to hear the recent news of Vic Braden’s passing. He’s one of those figures in our sport that I started following many years ago and always enjoyed seeing what he was up to. He was a pioneer in many ways and brought new dimensions to the sport that we all love. [see more]

2014 IART Symposium-Wilson/Luxilon Speed Stringing

The 2014 IART speed stringing contest saw new rules and prizes introduced by the sponsor, Wilson/Luxilon. Shoes, a reel of Luxilon string and a one-on-one evaluation for both the winner and runner-up from Wilson stringing team leader Ron Rocchi were a part of the prize package plus IART provided a 3-piece Xuron tool kit for [see more]