How’s your return of serve?

When I look at the players today like Murray, Djokovic & Nadal I notice one very important aspect of their game that sets them apart. Their return of serve is stellar compared to the majority of players they face. The 3 aforementioned always send that return back and once the ball is in play, those guys are so consistent off of the ground that it's anyone's point, and it's usually theirs!!!. They have the ability to take away that first strike opportunity that comes with a big serve in the men's game today. Just look at the video of Murray returning a 147 MPH serve from Raonic in the 2016 Wimbledon final and you'll see what I mean. 147 MPH WOW but guess what, Raonic lost that point because Murray got that serve back in play. IMHO, in todays game if you can't return serve consistently you're in big trouble.
Check out the video of Murray returning Raonic's 147 MPH serve HERE
Also, take a look HERE at the ATP's most recent stats of return leaders. The top 3, in order are Nadal, Murray & Djokovic!
Written by Tim Strawn

Executive Director, IART

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