Can you spot a counterfeit racquet?

It seems that everything out there today can be copied, including racquets. Here's a helpful article from the TIA on fake racquets and steps you can take to avoid being the victim.

Go HERE to read the article

Written by Tim Strawn

Executive Director, IART


  1. I used to make tennis racquets in the Far East and the “real” manufacturers are extraordinary in their technology. However, they may not be as good when it comes to keeping “real” product from leaving (illegally) through the “back door”!

    It is possible to get a “real” racquet at a very special price but it is very rare! As the article suggests buy racquets, and other tennis stuff, from a reliable dealer.

    If you have any questions about the authenticity of your racquet take it to your racquet technician where it can be verified as “real”.

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