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When the lighting is bad

Here’s a little tip from Mike Newbound I am currently stringing at the Brisbane International and the lighting combined with my old eyes means I am struggling to see while trying to insert black string into black grommets. So, I have put white stencil ink on the end and Voila I can see what I [see more]

Let’s talk about stringing…..Part 3

So, just how often should you re-string your racquet? This is probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of the game for the typical recreational player and there are some basic elements that can help you understand what works best for you. How often you re-string can depend on a variety of factors so consider [see more]

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all the very best during the holiday season and a wonderful New Year I’ll see you all back here in 2018! 0

Let’s talk about stringing…..Part 2

In part one of this series I talked about who you should trust your racquet service needs to and why. Dispelling the myth that your local teaching pro was the right person was the first step while at the same time, clarifying that it’s not the teaching pros fault. Their organizations simply do not provide [see more]

Let’s talk about re-stringing …..Part 1

What is it, this age old mystery about when to re-string a tennis racquet and just why is it such a complex subject?  No one within the industry seems to be able to agree on the subject except they obviously all agree that you re-string when the string breaks. Aside from that we actually have [see more]