Restringing just cross strings

So, I have tennis players every now and then ask me if I can replace just the cross strings since the mains aren’t broken. I always tell them that it would put too much strain on the frame. But if you’d set up the frame like normal, and then cut out the crosses after that, [see more]


OK, stringers…I need help. When I put a new replacement grip on a racquet, after a few hours, it creeps up from the bottom. I use double stick tape around the bottom, I staple the grip as well. I don’t know if I tighten the grip around the bottom too much. Help me out. What [see more]

Rubber grips for racquetball

Any glue that’s better than the rest for rubber grip applications on racquetball racquets? Or suggestions on how to keep them from slipping down the handle? I’ve got one customer who’s notorious for having his grips slide down almost half way off the handle. Anyone hear of using gorilla glue?