Dear GSS Alliance Members, If you are in the market for a new stringing machine, look no further than the TOURNA CUBE! See what Nate Pagel – Associate Director at USRSA had to say on the CUBE: Nate Pagel This is a fantastic machine! Absolutely loved it. I’m 6’5″ so I loved the electric height adjustment that [see more]

TOURNA Stringing machines – Discounted for GSS Alliance Members

  To all of the GSS Alliance members we have a special deal on the TOURNA stringing machines. I bet some of you thought that TOURNA only manufactured Tourna Grip but the company Unique Sports offer so much more. Hundreds of tennis and sport accessories and now top of the line TOURNA stringing machines. The [see more]

FREE Wholesale Account on YTEX Strings for IART Members!

Hi IART members, If you do not have a wholesale account with us YTEX yet, pls contact us asap so we can set you up with a free account!! This is absolutely free for all you IART Members. No minimum orders required so you can order as few or as many sets; reels etc. that [see more]

Orange Bowl Champ plays with YTEX ProTour Orange String

Stringers! For those of you who haven’t signed up for our YTEX strings e-newsletter, below is a short article regarding Orange Bowl Champ Dasha Lopatetskaya. Congratulations to YTEX’s Dasha Lopatetskaya who is the new Orange Bowl u/12 girls Champion!!!! Dasha Lopatetska won the Girls 12s title and entered the tournament’s record books as the first [see more]

Attention Stringers & International Distributors

Searching for Reps & Distributors

International Distributors Wanted!

Attention IART Members! YTEX is searching for international distributors for our extremely popular string line. We have the latest string brand on the market (introduced in 2012 at the Sony Ericsson Open Miami, FL) which is fast gaining popularity here in the US. We are at the Miami Open (Tennis Plaza tent) for the next two weeks [see more]

YTEX Strings

IART members! If you don’t string with the No. 1 rated string by the RSI, allow us to introduce you to YTEX. As the newest company in the string market, YTEX offers exceptional quality in every product. The proof of concept is simple: as of February of 2012 we have the second-best rated string ever [see more]