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    I was asked to be a stringer at the Eddie Herr Invitational at the IMG Academy this year. Along with Chuck Hakansson, Tom Parry and Mike Stephens, we are going to attempt to cover stringing for over 2000 players for 2 weeks. Starting Monday, we have strung over 150 racquets already, and the 12s qualifying is the only event that has begun!
    We anticipate a lot more business once the older kids start coming in over the next few days.
    So far, I an “Mr. Yonex”, as I seem to get all the YY racquets. We have also seen quite a few Pure Aeros and Pure Drives as expected, along with Wilson Blades (16×19). We have installed a lot of ALU Power, RPM Blast, and various Yonex polys, along with Solinco Tour Bite, Hyper-G and Revolution. Surprisingly, we have done a couple of full gut jobs.
    More details as time allows.


    Long day today, another 88 racquets done, putting us over 240 after only 3 days. I’m up to 66 myself, with several more YY today, but Pure Drives and Pro Staffs are starting to come in more now. I had Luxilon Element Rough break on me twice installing crosses on a Wilson Burn 100S. Have any of the rest of you guys had problems with this string?
    We had matches going on at 930 tonight, but a short day tomorrow for Thanksgiving.


    “We’re never busy on Thanksgiving”. Well, 99 racquets later, we put the lie to that! Over 340 after 4 days, and 91 for me personally.
    Yonex keeps pouring in: it’s amazing how much influence YY has in the junior game, something to remember with your young players. We have also used a lot of Yonex string, particularly Poly Tour Pro and Poly Tour Strike. Their popularity is right up there with ALU Power and RPM Blast at this event.
    Another couple of all-gut frames and I had a couple of hybrids with Tonic Ball Feel mains and RPM crosses.
    Tomorrow through Monday look to be really busy days, and I think we’ll crack 1000 frames this year.


    Tim Test

    Sounds like you have been pretty busy Matt and thanks for posting about your experience. Please keep us updated as the tournament progresses.

    As for the Element Rough I’ve not personally had any issues with that string.


    A 1am finish today, and 132 racquets strung, for an updated total of 346 for the event. A record, I’m told. 32 for me, and 123 total.
    Don’t ask me what was most popular, as there was just a lot of everything.


    On the way out for another day of stringing fun. Yesterday was another late night, with 130 sticks for a total so far of 476. 27 for me (Mike arrived midday and took 24 off our hands, thank goodness) for a personal total of 150 even. It was tough to get going yesterday. Not ashamed to admit I was tired and a little slower.
    Another set of Element Rough broke on us yesterday (total of 3), and all the rough strings started showing up: ALU, 4G, RPM, and Kirschbaum. I also did the tightest racquet of the week: Speed Pro with Hyper-G at 64#. OUCH!


    What a day! Done at 2am. 170 frames (a record!), and a total so far of 646. 31 for me for a 181 total.
    More normal strings today, thank goodness. Tomorrow should be the last bad day.


    Tim Strawn

    Matt who’s in charge of picking your team and organizing the stringing?



    Tom Parry is in charge of the team. We have me, Chuck Hakansson, Mike Stephens and Tom’s assistant Austin, who just became an MRT and is quite a good stringer.


    Update: 100 frames on Monday, 133 today. Total so far is 995. After we finish the racquets for Wednesday morning’s matches, we’ll be over 1000. Add 49 for me to make an even 230.


    An easy day today, “only” 76 racquets, (19 for me), making 1071 for the tournament so far (and 249 for me).


    85 today (19 for me), bringing totals to 1156/268.
    Things are winding down; QFs tomorrow.


    Really slowing down now: 65 total (15 for me), leaving totals at 1221/283.
    We had some “secret” Yonex racquets show up to be strung today. One in 16×19, the other in 18×20. We think they are test frames for Dennis Shapovalov, who just got in today.


    First day out before dark. Only 42 racquets today, bringing totals to 1263/296.
    Finals tomorrow, so probably not very many racquets. However, prods are starting to show up en masse for practice, so I may get that treat.


    Easy final day, only 10 racquets. With everyone gone or leaving, I did 9 of them, the last 2 for ATP pro Jay Clarke. That makes for an unofficial total of 1272, with 305 for me.
    Some observations:
    1.Yonex is making a HUGE push into the advanced juniors market. The EZONE 95/98/100 was at the top of the list in popularity along with the Babolat Pure Aero. The EZONE 98+ and Pro 100 were also right up there with the Wilson Blade 98 and RF97. If your facility has a serious junior program, you might want to get set up with YY.
    2. Lowest tension: 30. Highest tension: 64
    3. It’s impossible to string this many racquets without making some mistakes, so here are some of mine:
    Tried to string a Blade 18×20 with 16 mains. With gut. And succeeded.
    Misweaves caught: 7
    Misweaves missed: 1
    Missed hole skips caught: 3
    Missed hole skips not caught: 1
    String broken during installation: 3 (all Element Rough. ALU Rough and 4G Rough were fine. Beware: there are some bad reels of the stuff out there, I think)
    Everyone on the team made mistakes, and we are all MRTs with a lot of experience. You have to accept they are going to happen, own up to them when they do, and fix them right away with no complaining.
    Even with all this: the late nights, sore fingers, hassles and aggravation, I hope I get to go back next year.

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