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    I occasionally stop by the TW Stringing Techniques/Stringing Machines forum… some good dialogue there however because it’s a free for all open source forum you never know what you might get :-).

    Someone recently posted a topic titled “How to pre-stretch Ashaway Monogut ZX or ZX Pro.” Link is here:

    I’ve never gone to this extreme to pre-stretch string… whether MonoGut ZX, ZX Pro, natural gut, multi, or otherwise. I’ve strung Ashaway MonoGut ZX and ZX Pro often… it’s my personal string of choice. I typically prestretch by hand w/ two starting clamps and only enough to reduce the coil memory. I then use 10% pre-stretch on the machine, set tension head speed to low, and let the continuous pull complete its work… typically 4-5 seconds at the end of each pull. And of course take care of the string throughout the process, especially when tying off.

    Am wondering if the pre-stretching technique illustrated in the TW post above would actually have an adverse affect (i.e. weaken) on the MonoGut? Welcome everyone’s thoughts and personal experiences.



    Tim Strawn

    Hi Randy

    Seems like a lot to go through to pre-stretch string. Here’s a link to an article I wrote a while back that might help.

    Pre-stretching string


    John Gugel

    Randy, I agree with Tim that is a lot of trouble to go through when a simple full length pull for about 30 seconds does a pretty good job!

    I have measured the force on a full lenght of MonoGut ZX at about 30 pounds (more or less) and it has served us well. To truly eliminate (almost)
    “creep” the pre-stretch would need to be greater than the reference tension setting. That, however, is not neccesary to discover the benefits of pre-stretching.

    However you choose to do it pre-stretching makes a difference.



    Tim Strawn

    1. I’d like to add that NOTHING that I have ever worked with stretches more than MonoGut ZX, NOTHING. There may be something out there that I’m not aware of but the elongation on MonoGut ZX 16 is the highest in our tests of over 400 strings. The numeric was 15.64 so it bears repeating that this string needs a good pre-stretch before installation.

    2. I recommend that every stringer develop their own method of pre-stretching and stick with it for consistency. If you want to wrap it around a ball bat and run around the block with it 8 times then that’s your choice but you should do it the same way EVERY time. For me, I’d be too damned tired to install the string in the racquet after all that work!

    3. As mentioned, IMHO the post in question is extreme and sounds more like someone is going overboard just to get attention because, in my experience, no one is going to go to those lengths just to pre-stretch string.

    4. Be careful too if you choose to use a machine pre-stretch feature. Take note of the reference tension because what are you going to do if your player requests 68 lbs and you’ve got your machine set to pre-stretch 15%? That’s 9.75 lbs of pre-stretch and now you’re going to be pulling that string at 74.75 lbs. SNAP!!!!!!

    5. Last, but certainly not the least, read the insert card that comes in a set of MonoGut ZX 16. Item #6 clearly states not to apply over 60 lbs of tension. That tells you right there that this string has its limitations and you would be well advised to follow the guidelines laid out by the manufacturer.


    Thx John and Tim for the comments… appreciate your help. ~RO

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