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    Hi guys, with the gripper jaw of the gamma X-6FC it’s difficult to pull tension on two mains at the same time to start. So, what is the best option to start without pulling the two mains at the same time? Any ideas to make my amateur stringer life easier?


    I assume that your machine has fixed clamps.
    I usually start mains Yusuki method pulling center 2 mains then clamp RM1 inside farthest from tension head and same string outside frame with starting clamp. Then tension each of the main strings separately.
    Since you have a difficult time to pull the 2 center mains with your machine, I would just hand pull the center 2 mains and do the same.
    That 1st double pull is just to set anchor clamp is all and give a little resistance in opposite direction to the very 1st normal tensioned pull.
    Pull the center 2 strings by hand,
    Clamp RM1 with your machines fixed clamp, and clamp same string outside frame with starting clamp nearest tension head, then pull LM1 clamp, LM2 clamp, LM3 clamp, them go back and pull RM1 clamp and continue as normal.


    Tim Strawn

    You could also just fix one machine clamp on the main and back it up with a starting clamp by placing the starting clamp directly behind the machine clamp to prevent the string from slipping through the machine clamp. Starting clamp may not be necessary if pulling at lower tensions. IART recommends the Yusuki method because of the simplicity and ease in the starting process.

    The Yusuki method was created to make the process fast and simple. Toru Yusuki does a lot of tournament stringing where a minimum of steps is best and thus, the idea.


    Tim Strawn

    Vinicius you can go to the media link here on the IART site and select “Videos”. From there select “Stringing” and check out the 3rd video there titled “Alternative method for starting the stringing process”. This will explain how to use the Yusuki starting method




    Thank you Tim.

    I’ve seen all the videos, waiting anxiously for more 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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