Overgrip Overload!

A new client came in today wanting to discuss using natural gut, specifically Babolat VS Team.  The racquet is a very light model sporting a 14 x 16 string pattern.  When asked “why the interest in the natural gut?”  Well, I hit with a team members racquet, and it was “spectacular!” Anyway, for several good reasons, we [see more]

Time For a Change?

I propose a service charge for “removal of one-year-old overgrips” as a way to convince players these overgrips are intended to be changed, oh, maybe every month or so! Good grief!  These things should be changed before every match at least! Every racquet that leaves our shop has a new overgrip.  You would think this would be [see more]

Can you please restring these-hurry I’ve got a match to play!


A day in the life…..

Not all of us get to play on the job like some technicians I know. Check out what a REAL racquet technician does during the course of a typical day at the office. Ron Rocchi of Wilson was hard at work today demolishing frames as just “another day at the office”. That must have been [see more]

I Remember………

I remember back in the day when John Gugel (pictured at right) was a real threat on the tennis court. With his trusty 85 square inch wooden racquet he would terrorize his competition with 60 mile an hour serves. Aces were the norm not the exception for Juggernaut John. His competition feared him and women [see more]