Donnay Pro One GT 18×20

Think of the Donnay Pro One GT 18×20 as Donnay’s answer to the Babolat Pure Strike Tour only with a more maneuverable swing weight and a softer feel. Such close comparisons to note are as follows: Strung weight – Pro One GT=11.11 oz///strung weight Pure Strike Tour=12 oz Swing weight – Pro One GT=316///swing weight [see more]

Donnay emerges with new racquet line

For those of us who have been around tennis for many years, we remember Donnay well. The Swede who ruled Centre Court at the All England Club from 1976-1980 elegantly decked out in his Fila attire and Diadora shoes wielded a Donnay frame like a sword, slaying all others that dared challenge him at Wimbledon. This [see more]