2005 RSI Stringer of the Year: Bob Patterson

Talk to Bob Patterson about stringing and one thing is immediately clear. “Everything we do is built on consistency,” he says. That word — “consistency” — sneaks in everywhere. Patterson, of Birmingham, Ala., even has his customers using it. “The consistency is wonderful,” says recreational player Jim Perry of nearby Hoover, Ala., of Patterson’s stringing [see more]

2006 RSI Stringer of the Year: Grant Morgan

Grant Morgan says his introduction to tennis “was about as low-end as you can get.” He started by playing what he calls “apartment-complex tennis” with friends. From there, though, Morgan took lessons and became a fairly decent player. When he realized that he was spending a lot of money getting his racquet restrung frequently, he [see more]

2009 RSI Stringer of the Year: Ron Rocchi

Ron Rocchi’s first job, in seventh grade, was stringing for a local shop near Chicago. Now, as Wilson’s global tour equipment manager, he’s tasked with designing products, including performance racquets. His drive to offer players the best possible in products and services has led to the formation of the Wilson Stringing Team, the innovative Baiardo [see more]

2012 RSI Stringer of the Year: John Gugel

About 40 years ago, John Gugel designed a one-piece molded tennis racquet with a foam core. “I wasn’t a tennis player at the time,” he says. “I was working in the plastics molding business. A friend was associated with Head ski company in Colorado, so I designed a water ski and a racquet. The ski [see more]