Let There be Light!

Stringing black string in a racquet with black grommets can sometimes be a little problem, depending on the age of your eyes! My eyes are pretty good but sometimes they need a little help.  So, several months ago I installed these inexpensive battery powered “stick-on” lights on the Baiardo.   In case your lights go [see more]

BAIARDO adapter

Recently one of our members, Daniel Lopez, submitted a question about issues he was having in mounting racquetball racquets and other frames like the Head TiS6 & TiS7. The BAIARDO machine comes with an adapter that works just fine for these types of racquets and I’ve posted some photos below to show how this adapter [see more]

Teeth or no Teeth!

Nope, I am not talking about “teeth teeth” I am talking about stringing machine clamp teeth. But why? For many years I have used clamps without teeth for stringing all main strings. The reason(s) are clear to me in that the pressure required to keep the string from slipping is less, the clamp does not [see more]