Now You Think of it!

So, it has been a while since you had your racquet strung and you are standing on the court about to receive and you ask yourself; “I wonder when I should get my racquet strung”. Now is probably not the best time to think of it but if you do simply take a look at [see more]

Bother us!

I was discussing websites and blogs with a client this morning and asked why he didn’t respond to any of the posts even though, according to him, he reads all of them? “Well, I don’t want to bother you”, he answered! I can’t speak for everyone that posts but I want to be bothered! If [see more]

Is This Reel?

Yeah, I know what you are thinking…John can’t spell!  Well, you are partially right! The “reel” I am talking about is the one that most racquet strings come on for those that prefer that format.  More specifically I am talking about “bogus” string on reels!  We don’t buy anything from unknown or unverified suppliers, period.  But I recognize [see more]

Know Your History!

As racquet technicians, we are bombarded with “new product” information! Especially when it comes to racquet string! So what do you and we need to know when making a string decision? History, that’s what.  The image shows just some historical data points. We can look at data for any string and client to determine the history [see more]

Need Direction?

A client just sent me the following statement and I think it has reason to be distributed amongst tennis players searching for “direction” when it comes to string and their game! “Hah. Trying out these different strings has been very interesting. Over the past week or so, trying the different strings has given me some [see more]

Overgrip Overload!

A new client came in today wanting to discuss using natural gut, specifically Babolat VS Team.  The racquet is a very light model sporting a 14 x 16 string pattern.  When asked “why the interest in the natural gut?”  Well, I hit with a team members racquet, and it was “spectacular!” Anyway, for several good reasons, we [see more]


OK, stringers…I need help. When I put a new replacement grip on a racquet, after a few hours, it creeps up from the bottom. I use double stick tape around the bottom, I staple the grip as well. I don’t know if I tighten the grip around the bottom too much. Help me out. What [see more]

What To Do With 29′ 10″ of String?

What do you do with 29 feet 10 inches (9.1m) of tennis string! Well, if it is Ashaway Monogut ZX and a Yonex 16×19 98 square inch racquet you string a racquet with it! I pulled the remaining string from the reel to find it was only 29 feet 10 inches long! So what to [see more]

Match fixing takes the spotlight

A BuzzFeed-BBC report released on the eve of the 2016 Australian Open alleges that tennis authorities are ignoring evidence of top-ranked players’ involvement in match-fixing at major tournaments. Building off an initial claim from 2008, the report sent shock waves throughout the sport. Below are news stories, analysis and reaction on the report, including the [see more]

Can you answer this question?

In days gone by when most racquets were the same head size with the same stringing pattern things were rather uncomplicated. However, once in a while something pops up from the past that can make some of us scratch our heads and ask “Why” or “What”. In this case, it’s the “What” question I’d like [see more]