Baiardo Lite for sale (4)

Looking to sell the new Baiardo Lite machine. We will be using these at the College All American in Tulsa Ok October 4-14, Four available Terms Price is $2,875 Buyer pays to ship from Tulsa 660 reel of Alu Power for $150 with purchase of the machine Machines will be shipped October  14th or 15th [see more]

String Failure (continued)

In a previous post, we saw string failure(s) for the same string, i.e., not a “hybrid” format. In this post, we will see the typical failure of a “hybrid” format using polyester for the main string and a multifilament for the cross string. The polyester string shows very little wear whereas the multifilament cross string has [see more]

Stringing Cost Calculator Idea

As string material and brands options increase at an alarming rate it may be time to discover how to charge for your stringing service and expertise. Typically it has been two (2) times the cost of the string plus your desired hourly rate.  Sometimes your charges are based on the local competition.  Of course, you know the [see more]

IART Directories

Greetings IART members How many of you are aware of the various directories on the IART website and their uses for members? There are currently 3 separate directories listed under, you guessed it, the Directories navigation menu at the top of the home page. Here’s a brief overview: BUMPER/GROMMET DATA BASE…..As a member, you can [see more]

Acelon Wildfire Hex 16

I received two new strings from Victory/Acelon Racquet Sports recently so I wanted to pass on some preliminary information. These strings have been added to the String Characteristic Data table where you can see more. The two (2) strings are Acelon Wildfire Hex 16 and Acelon Wildfire Hex 17.  As you probably guessed these are [see more]