What To Do With 29′ 10″ of String?

What do you do with 29 feet 10 inches (9.1m) of tennis string! Well, if it is Ashaway Monogut ZX and a Yonex 16×19 98 square inch racquet you string a racquet with it! I pulled the remaining string from the reel to find it was only 29 feet 10 inches long! So what to [see more]

Rate this Racquet

While we are on the subject of stringing lets start a little learning exercise. Following are images of a racquet, specifically the stringing, that we will start with.  Without being hyper critical let’s “Rate this Racquet”. Take a look and make your comments about the images.  This racquet was not strung by one of us [see more]

Quiz Information

The quiz’s that have been posted have been a lot of fun and a source of information. The quiz I posted two (2) weeks ago had a question about “Dynamic Stiffness” and the quiz that just ended had a question about “Dynamic Tension”. This was sort of a “trick” question.  On each quiz the answers [see more]

New Quiz

Greetings Alliance Members The first ever Alliance quiz is now closed. The quiz ask what woman holds the record for the most grand slam singles titles and the answer was…………….Margaret Court. We had a total of 54 people who took the quiz. 29 (54%) gave the correct answer. 12 of you thought it was Steffi [see more]

New Alliance Quiz

The Alliance is experimenting with a new “Quiz” feature on the web site. Take a look at the upper left side bar and you’ll see a box with the title “Weekly Quiz”. Click on the “Take our Quiz” link and answer the first ever Alliance question. This first quiz consists of only one question but [see more]

Quiz: Natural Ratio…what is it?

What does “natural ratio” of a strung racquet mean? The first person to answer correctly will get a big smiley face!  Sorry, the people that took the quiz at the IART Symposium are not eligible for the big smiley face! 0