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Babolat Pure Drive FSI

At first glance this looks exactly like any other Pure Drive with brighter graphics.  But wait, there seems to be more than the cosmetics going on. The first clue is the addition of FSI Frame String Interaction graphic on the side of the racquet.  But what is FSI? Actually it is several things.  The string [see more]

Parents & Players vs Mass Confusion & Misinformation

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my long career as a racquet technician it’s that the odds are heavily stacked against players when it comes to figuring out equipment. There’s also one segment here that has it especially hard and that’s parents and juniors. Unless the parents are tennis players themselves their knowledge of [see more]

Dunlop iDapt Review (Consumer Edition)

By now you have probably seen, or even hit with, the new concept by Dunlop they have named “iDapt” and for good reason. If you have not learned much about this series I will try to make it clear as to what the iDapt does. First is does not come in one (1) piece!  Yikes, [see more]

IART Announces New YTex IART Sponsorship

One of the newest sponsors at the 2014 IART symposium was YTex strings. We’re happy to announce a new partnership with YTex that will allow all IART members a 30% discount on YTex strings. Here’s a brief excerpt from the YTex website: All our manufacturing is done in Europe, supervised by experts who have been [see more]

Memphis ATP Update 5 / Nishikori

Kei Nishikori. He makes Todd’s life busy at times. Five racquets the morning of the match and 6 “on courts” during the match. All in the first set and and 2 games into the second set. Lets see if I can recap yesterday in the life of Kei Nishikori. Todd strung five racquets for him [see more]

Memphis Update 4

A unique day today. Todd had only one singles player playing today. (Kudla) I had the rest so it was steady for me through about 4 o’clock until it got slow for me. I have 2 for Kevin Anderson due by 9, 3 for Donald Young by 10:15, another 2 for Austin K. and Bernard [see more]

Memphis Update 3

Absolutely crazy day “at the office”. Todd was stringing for Kei Nishikori. He leaves 2 racquets that he knows are going to be “on court” racquets. He got down quickly in the first set and he kicks back 2 from the court. We went up a pound. He kicks back 2 more and goes down [see more]

B 432 C

This was the hottest string on the market a few years ago. A lot of the players from the Australian Open brought it to Memphis. It appeared again with Justin Gimelstob being the owner this year. If I am not mistaken this was the predecessor to RPM Blast. It was great catching up with old friends, [see more]

Ashaway Introduces Two New 0.66 mm Badminton Strings: ZyMax® Fire and Fire Power

Ashaway, RI – Ashaway Racket Strings offers the best of both worlds with the introduction of two new 22 gauge (0.66 mm) badminton strings. Both ZyMax® 66 Fire and ZyMax 66 Fire Power use Ashaway’s proprietary BETA polymer fibers, and are constructed using the company’s special ZyWeaVe™ string core technology. But by varying the polymer [see more]

Memphis Upadate 2

A big presence by Babolat racquets in the string room. The Aero Pro Drive in standard and extended length dominated the stringing boxes the past few days. At one point I strung 9 in a row by 6 different players. A lot of the guys using gut in the mains and co-poly strings in the [see more]