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Welcome to the IART racquet stringing courses. You’re here because you have an interest in learning about the craft of racquet stringing, and that’s exactly why this educational curriculum exists. We want to help you reach your potential because we realize your goals are important, and our courses are designed to help you achieve those goals. All of us were beginners at one point in our lives, and most likely, we all had many of the same unanswered questions. “Where do I start”? “Are there right and wrong ways of doing this”? “Who can I turn to for answers”? The questions can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Could this be the last stop in your search?

Tim Strawn Wimbledon stringing team
Wimbledon Team

We’d like to think your search ends here for a reliable source to teach you about racquet stringing. No matter what topic you’re researching online, it can get very confusing and tiring, leaving you exhausted and frustrated. That’s understandable, so here’s something we’d like for you to know. The IART consists of a cross-section of talent, many members having worked on official stringing teams at major tour events, including Grand Slam tournaments. There are members in this organization with 40+ years of experience who participate in the organization at all levels, including contributions to the content of the online stringing courses. We take what we do very seriously and appreciate the trust you place in us. The IART has been teaching people the craft of racquet stringing for over 20 years, most notably, the IART training symposium, a hands-on, in-person event that was held successfully for 10 years from 2007-2016. Now, in 2023, the organization enters a new phase; online training courses, and we welcome you to be a part of it.

The choice is yours

The course curriculum is designed to give you options to go as far as you like. Perhaps your goal is simply to learn the basics of stringing. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered with our Basic Stringing 101 course. If your goal is to take your skills from basic to advanced, we plan to address that with our advanced stringing course planned for release in 2023. Following the advanced course will be our tournament stringing course. If your dream is to string at tournaments, our tournament stringing course will cover the vast majority of topics you’ll need to be aware of before running your own team or being a team member.

Why not join us?

Hands stringing

Our courses are built on our membership platform, so you must be a member to access them. To get you started, our Basic Stringing 101 course is offered free to all premium subscribers. This course will give you a solid foundation and teach you the fundamentals of stringing a tennis racquet. Plus, we have other courses in development, including advanced stringing and tournament stringing. To join us, please go HERE

Questions about our training courses can be directed to IART Executive Director Tim Strawn through the “Contact Us” form HERE


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