The IART  has everything you need to successfully train and help you to become better at all parts of racquet stringing. It’s not just about stringing though. They cover all areas of racquet service with videos, interaction with other technicians, and information to keep you updated. A big plus is you have access to ask questions in their Q&A section to get answers from others who have vast amounts of experience. No matter where you are as far as your personal experience you can learn something new every day from the IART community.

Gary Brewer
Springfield ,Ohio

The International Alliance of Racquet Technicians (IART) is an excellent resource for all stringers! If you’re learning the ropes and preparing to become certified, you can access all the stringing tips and videos shared by other IART veteran stringers. Maybe you’re a seasoned tournament stringer and operate your own stringing business. In that case, the monthly newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with the latest industry trends and valuable technical information. As one of IART’s Global Ambassadors, I always enjoy reading the articles that my colleagues post! But besides providing an excellent resource for all dedicated racquet stringers, IART has a unique interactive component. IART’s creator, Tim Strawn, has worked relentlessly since 2002, as it has evolved over the years. I look forward to the new website launch coming out soon!

By subscribing to IART, not only are you a member, you’re part of a community of passionate stringers who care about the art of racquet service.

Albert Murata
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

I first met Tim in 2006 when he came and helped train over 40 Professional Tennis Management students at Methodist University about how to handle and string natural gut the proper way. It was clear at that time that his vast experience and knowledge made him one of the leading stringing experts in the field.
It was after that initial meeting that I started attending the IART symposium (formerly GSS). This event truly helped mold my career path allowing me to learn essential stringing and customization skills, understand product development and even more importantly network with some of the most influential stringers in the world.
If you are interested in learning how to string, opening a stringing business or even becoming an elite tour stringer there is no better place to learn and network with key people in the stringing world than the IART platform.

Ben Porter
Founder Ben Porter Consulting, Racket Sports Industry Specializing in Product Development, Marketing, Strategy & Trends

Tim is a great help to the players at our camp. The average tennis player has no idea of the importance of equipment management. In tennis your racquet is your weapon. You cannot expect to perform if your weapon isn’t balanced, weighted correctly, strung properly and suites your game. Tim delivers exceptional service and guidance for managing your equipment as well as enhancing your play through your racquet having the correct specifications. This is important at every level but it’s really important when you are rotating racquets and breaking strings on a regular basis at advanced levels of play. He not only handles things for us locally at the camp in Virginia he also works with our players when they are traveling playing events all over!

Brenda Schultz McCarthy
Co-Founder at Brenda Schultz Sports Camp & The T.E.D.S. Foundation

My name is Mark Campanile and I am proud to be an Ambassador for the IART for many reasons. First and foremost, I have a great deal of respect for the founder of the site, Tim Strawn, because of his passion for the art of stringing, the game of tennis and his love of teaching and sharing his vast knowledge. Secondly, the IART site has a wealth of information on a variety of matters that pertain to racquet sports, racquet stringing and racquet & string technologies. It would be difficult to find a better site if you have an interest in learning more about the world of racquet sports, racquet stringing, racquets, strings, stringing machines and other professionals in the business. Check it out. It will be worth your time and investment!

Mark Campanile
Grayslake, IL

Back in 2012 I attended my first IART Symposium and was energized by the range and depth of experience and knowledge from a group of experienced stringers, no more than 60 in number, from across the world, I have now been to a further 4 more symposiums run by the IART and having met Tim at that first symposium I joined the IART.
The ethos of the IART says it all ‘We exist to continually help and support the global community of racquet technicians. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive website for those in the service side of the racquet sports industry. To that end, our website is designed to help make every racquet technician become the best he/she can be.’
In my opinion the IART is succeeding in its ambition to meet its ethos. Without the IART I would never have come to know so many stringers that I now am privileged to call friends from around the world. Nor would I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge from these friends and the many other stringers in the organization.
Finally, Tim has done a remarkable job in getting the IART to where it is now, and for those reading this testimonial that are not current members I would say, if you want to learn from the best then join the IART now!

David Hall
Clacton on Sea, Essex, England

The IART has been a major influence to the stringing community over the years. I’ve seen attendees from the symposiums go on to string at multiple Grand Slams. IART is a great place to learn, share and network with stringers all over the world.

Mark Gonzalez
Austin, TX

I just joined IART recently. Tim Strawn gave me a phone call right after I signed up and immediately made me feel like I joined a network of professional stringers that care about their members.
I have been able to speak with Tim twice after his initial welcome phone call and I was able to pick his brain about a few items. He is a veteran in our industry and he is very gracious and kind to share his great knowledge and wisdom that he acquired over the last few decades in the business of stringing and servicing racquets.
I am very happy that I joined and would highly recommend joining IART. The membership fee is a small price to pay for a service that provides past, current and new information plus advice regarding our industry. My goal is to always listen and learn more about new (and old) techniques and products. Thank you Tim for all your time, effort and wisdom so far.

Andreas Romer
Lake Wylie, South Carolina

Back in the early months of 2007, I was minding my own business as a teaching pro and racquet technician here in Central Florida when I came across a website called Grand Slam Stringers. There was a lot of content on stringing techniques, tournaments, etc, so I thought, “What the heck”, and signed up.
A little while later, I saw a post on a topic I was familiar with and shared my opinion. A short time afterwards, I got a call from this guy named Tim Strawn (who ran the thing) looking for more information on the subject and welcoming me to the group. It was a pretty nice touch, and Tim was quite enthusiastic about his project.
During our chat,I discovered Tim’s “ulterior motive”, as he brought up the subject of this little stringer’s symposium he was having in Texas later that year. I must admit I was reluctant at first: I’d been stringing for almost 30 years by then; what more could I possibly need or want to study about it, especially since it would require me to take off FIVE DAYS of work to do so?
However, Tim’s passion on the subject won me over, and I booked a flight to Texas, rented a car, and drove to New Braunfels (aka “the boondocks”), and took part in the first GSS Symposium. I met Tim soon after arriving, along with several of the seminar leaders, some of whom I had met, a few I knew by reputation, and many others I had no knowledge of at all. I found their dedication to their craft, and desire to teach quite enlightening, as I learned many things during those few days about knots, patterns, racquet design, business planning and tournament stringing that have helped me immeasurably since.
I’m sure I’ve left out a few things, but you get the gist: this was a GREAT learning environment, and everyone Tim recruited to help was top-notch. We even got a nice little “goody bag” with some string and grip samples, which became larger every year and wound up almost paying for the cost of the Symposium itself. I also met my friend Ron Castillo at that Symposium, and share with him the honor of being the only ones to attend all 10 GSS/IART Symposiums over the years.
I made many other friends through IART, some of whom I have shared many a late night over a stringing machine at tournaments, some that I have joined for many a drink, and one of which, Larry Hackney (“The Legend”), is dearly missed but never forgotten.
Being associated with IART has been a re-entry for me into the world of tournament stringing, as the contacts and relationships I developed allowed me the opportunity to work quite a few big-time (and big money) events such as the Eddie Herr International junior event, the World Team Tennis at the Greenbrier Resort and most recently, the Miami Open. Never underestimate the value of networking with groups like this.
Tim started a grommet strip selling section for IART members and I’ve sold over 100 sets of old grommet strips that were collecting dust in my shop. I’ve probably paid 20 years’ worth of IART dues from this service alone. The ability for consumers to locate a business on the IART site, along with exposure to tournament directors looking for stringers, proves invaluable to anyone in either profession.
I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point: the IART site is a great opportunity for anyone in the tennis business to learn and get the word out about themselves and their business. At $49 per year, it’s a steal, and I thank Tim for all he does for us on a daily basis.

Matt Steverson
Altamonte Springs, FL

In 2009 I attended an IART Symposium where I had a great experience. The symposium provided learning opportunities and a way to meet other racquet stringers. I recently joined IART where I saw an opportunity to get another perspective on stringing and also be able to connect with other experienced racquet stringers. A few years ago, I became much more involved in pro tour racquet stringing. Since, many IART members are currently or have been tournament stringers in the past, there is an opportunity to learn and share one’s experiences. Additionally, IART provides a great way to stay current in the tennis industry and more specifically with stringing techniques and product knowledge.

Roger Gough
Davis, CA

In 2003, with my 45th birthday in the rear view and 50 looming, I decided to begin the transition from full-time teaching pro toward a 50/50 coaching and stringing career. I quickly discovered Tim Strawn and the GSS Alliance message board. Tim was gracious with his time and the others on the board were helpful. Fast forward to 2012 when I got the opportunity to string my first ATP/WTA tour events. Again, Tim literally is the first one I call. In 2013 I attended the IART Stringing Symposium which was like sipping from a racquet technicians firehose. Prior to joining the IART and attending the symposium, I had done exactly 2 pro tournaments in the previous 5 years. Since then, I have worked at 7 WTA and 5 ATP tournaments plus numerous ITF/USTA Pro Circuit events and the USTA National Girls 18 Clay Courts. I cannot imagine that I would be doing this without the knowledge gained and support from Tim and the IART.

Kin Roseborough
Mount Pleasant, SC

Living in a rural area, IART has been a blessing to say the least. Having strung for 40+ years, it is the only resource that I have found that provides up-to-date information for racket technicians. The members are friendly and informative, always willing to help, and a great sounding board for new ideas and insights. Tim has been incredibly helpful to me as I continue to learn and grow in my profession. IART truly is the brush that creates the “art” in our profession! Thank you so much Tim!

Bill Shardlow
North Yarmouth, ME

While working for a major corporation I was transferred to Atlanta in 1973. Co-workers were playing tennis so I started playing. I was fascinated watching wood racquets being strung and patched. I wanted to learn to string as much as I wanted to learn to play. You could get a lesson on how to hit a tennis ball but not on how to string a racquet. It became apparent that stringing was a closed community and it was going to be difficult to find someone who would share their knowledge. Every stringer seemed to have their own technique. After watching for a couple of years I purchased a used Ektelon stringing machine and began to string. It wasn’t long before I was stringing for friends and league members. After some 20 plus years I considered myself a pretty darn good stringer.
In 2005 I found Tim Strawn and his “Grand Slam Stringers” web site. Tim had the experience of stringing at Grand Slam tennis tournaments and the desire to share his knowledge with anyone seriously interested in improving their racquet skills. Several of the worlds top racquet technicians joined with Tim to share their knowledge.
Ask any “how to” question concerning racquet service. Tim and his “Grand Slam Stringers” would respond. No question was to simple or to complex.
In 2007 Tim invited everyone to attend the first IART Symposium held in New Braunfels, Texas. Twenty one racquet technicians (Including myself) from the US, England, Spain, etc. attended the 5 day symposium. The IART symposiums were held for 10 years growing larger each year. It was great to string a racquet while a true “Grand Slam Stringer” watched and provided tips and advice. I’m not in the stringing business but because of Tim Strawn I became a certified Master Racquet Technician (MRT).
Although the IART symposiums are no longer being held anyone with a racquet service problem /question can contact Tim at his IART web site and be assured their questions will be addressed by professional racquet technicians.
If it hadn’t been for Tim Strawn and his desire to share his stringing knowledge I would still be wondering in the racquet stringing wilderness.

Ed Matheson
Dunwoody, GA

As the owner of a successful tennis specialty store outside of Philadelphia I have been stringing for 35 years. I was looking for a way to take our stringing to the next level of service when I came across the IART. At that time, we had four MRT and two or three CT stringers on staff but did not settle on a way to improve overall consistency between all of us.
Our team of stringers have been to multiple IART symposiums, gaining extensive knowledge and honed techniques that make our store stand out as the destination for serious tennis players of all levels. We have the skills necessary to string at the highest pro tournament level.
I have been an IART member for more than ten years. The willingness of the IART instructors to pass on their techniques and ideas that made them all world class stringers helped me to expand my stringing service. The blogs on the IART website keep one abreast of new technologies and ideas – a serious platform that addresses the needs of stringers at all levels.
For home stringers to those that string at the highest level – IART is the place.

Philip Van Asselt
Bryn Mawr, PA

If you have been stringing for a long time or just starting out in the business take a good look at the IART. You will get honest info from people who actually string racquets.I have been stringing racquets for over 40 years and always go to the website if I have a question or something new comes up that I need a answer for. The IART is a great Investment in your business

Dennis Baysinger
Norwalk, IA

I’ve been associated with IART for many years beginning with the original group, Grand Slam Stringers. The evolution over the years into present day IART has been a pleasure watching. Each step always directed toward the betterment of racquet technicians worldwide. This is a great membership organization with unlimited knowledge available to all members. Everything from direct access to world class technicians to the hands on experiences at past symposiums are only a few benefits that have been a monumental value to me personally and to the growth of my business

Eldon Whitlow
Pekin, IN

For a stringing technician to join the IART is a must to keep up with the latest information about anything to do with being the best tennis stinging technician you can be. Since I have attended several symposiums organized by Tim, the IART will now keep me up to date via the IART website group. I have met several writers that contribute on the IART website and I’ve learned a lot from them. They are the most knowledgeable people in the stringing industry.

The symposiums were always very well organized by Tim and it was always a pleasure to attend. I learned a lot, it was always well worth it and I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world who attended. Tim is continuing his organizational/knowledgeable talent with the IART website group and I believe it is a must for every stringer to take out a membership. It will guarantee you to be a better stringing technician since technology is not standing still and it’s a must to keep up to date.

I call myself a happy hobby stringer, but several clients corrected me by saying that stringing for me is a passion. If people show some interest I am happy to share my knowledge and teach them as much as I can . I string for 2 indoor and a few outside clubs and work from home where my Babolat Star 5 keeps humming away, almost every day. Clients come from other cities sometimes because they’ve heard about my knowledge and expertise and they want to get some advice.

Through my stringing I am in contact with a family, where the husband is training his 2 daughters to eventually turn pro. I am invited when, “the Lord willing”, the daughter(s) will enter
their first tournament, wherever that may be with all expenses paid. Before I leave to compete in the Worlds Super Seniors in Majorca (Spain), I am going to train at their place on clay courts for a week since there are no clay courts in my town.

Stringing has been a blessing ever since I started doing it 16 year ago and especially since my husband is in a wheelchair and has been in a care home for 10 years. It’s a nice pastime with social connections and I hope to keep stringing for a very long time. I still play tennis 2 times a week and I am 79 years old.

Dineka Vandeburgt
Kelowana, British Columbia

The resources available on the IART website have helped me improve my knowledge as well skills and have helped me to take my business to the next level. From the forums keeping me up to date on the latest topics in the industry to the String Characteristic Tool helping me to make decisions as to the best string to recommend for a client, the IART website has always been a valuable resource for me. I like the fact that the string characteristic data is based on science and all strings are tested the exact same way removing any potential bias. The member directory has helped me to increase my network of fellow stringers which has been of great value to me to learn from their experience. The video resources are well done and I refer to them often. The IART bookmark om my computer is the first place I go to when I have a stringing question or when I just want to stay up to date on the latest trends in the stringing industry. A fellow member referred me to the IART and I always try and pay it forward by referring other stringers to this great resource.

Henry Hamels
Trinity, FL

IART is an organization, where a person could learn so much in stringing, in any racquet sports. I learned and made connection, just for being a member of this group. I like to thank you, Tim

Rolando “Al” Luistro
Ardmore, PA

I was already an MRT when I first attended Tim’s stringing symposium. The symposium was my real education. I’m a better and more knowledgeable stringer because of it! If you’re in the stringing business, the IART website is for you. The IART site contains information for all stringers, from novice to tournament. You can find string, racquet and machine reviews. There is information on tools and patterns and posts from other stingers. However, the real value of the site is that you have access to Tim and other experts. If you have a question about anything stringing, they will respond. If they don’t know the answer (which I doubt) they know someone who does!

Randy Houston
La Quinta Hotel & Resort, La Quinta, CA

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