Our Ethos

If you know the way, light it for others

We exist to continually help and support the global community of racquet technicians. 


No definitive handbook exists for racquet service, leaving ample space for enhancement, mutual support, and collective advancement. One method for achieving continuous, gradual improvement is known as kaizen, originating from Japan, with the term translating to “change” (kai) for the “good” (zen).

Kaizen is founded on the philosophical notion that everything can be enhanced. While some organizations may perceive a process as functioning adequately, those adhering to the principle of Kaizen recognize opportunities for improvement. Thus, nothing is considered a static status quo; continuous efforts are made to enhance processes, resulting in incremental, often subtle, changes over time. These cumulative adjustments yield significant transformations in the long run, all without necessitating radical innovations.


Professionalism encompasses a commitment to ethical conduct and genuine interactions, contrasting starkly with insincerity or artificiality. True professionalism involves upholding moral values, integrity, and honesty in all dealings, both with clients and colleagues. It entails demonstrating authenticity and sincerity in communication, actions, and relationships, fostering trust and mutual respect. A genuine professional strives to deliver quality work, honor commitments, and prioritize the best interests of others above personal gain. By embodying these principles, professionals establish themselves as reliable and trustworthy individuals, contributing to a positive and ethical work culture.


Our main objective is to assist others, driven by the connections formed through shared experiences and the valuable lessons we can glean from each other. IART is committed to supporting racquet technicians, the frontline professionals servicing racquets for players of all ages and skill levels. Our aim is to furnish you, the stringer, with consistent and precise information to empower you to excel. As you traverse your path, we stand alongside you, equipping you with the tools and valuable resources you need on a daily basis.

Our approach is simple and user-friendly, and our website is thoughtfully designed to foster interaction among our community of like-minded individuals. We’re not afraid to challenge conventions, as we believe in innovative thinking. Additionally, our alliance boasts some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. So why not join us and become part of our community?


When it comes to racquet technicians, the foremost objective is global cohesion and collaboration, a principle embraced by the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians (IART) since its inception over two decades ago. The IART has championed inclusivity without being confined by geographical boundaries, hence the “International” designation. Prior to the establishment of IART, other organizations involved in racquet stringing and customization were commonly identified by the term “Association.” While some have since followed suit by appending “International” to their names, it’s important to recognize that IART was the pioneer in transcending geographical limitations for such organizations, a tradition that we proudly uphold in the 21st century.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to seek out the most effective resources to help racquet stringers refine, update, and enhance their skills, presenting this information in a manner that holds genuine value and significance. Although our primary focus remains on tennis, we endeavor to extend our assistance to other racquet sports whenever feasible. Feedback and input from our members are not only welcomed but encouraged, as we believe in their active participation in shaping the development and implementation of the Alliance’s website. At IART, we recognize that racquet stringers are the heart of our organization, and we pledge unwavering support and dedication to our members.


The concept of community often denotes a group unified by shared goals and values, and this precisely encapsulates the essence of the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians (IART). Our focus centers on the global tennis community, with the overarching aim of fostering an environment where racquet technicians receive the prioritized attention they rightfully deserve. Education serves as the cornerstone of our community, addressing key aspects such as:

1. Empowering racquet stringers to reach their utmost potential.
2. Assisting parents and juniors in navigating the intricate process of racquet and string selection, alongside tension adjustments, to optimize performance at every level of play.
3. Advising and supporting players in minimizing injuries and promoting longevity in the sport. Many injuries stem from misinformation and poor advice regarding racquets, strings, and tension. IART believes that through proper education and guidance, our members can help prevent potential injuries among our clientele.

Our mission is to cultivate, expand, and nurture a community united by the common objective of strength through member engagement. We envision a global tennis community converging in a concerted effort to exchange knowledge, forge connections, evolve collectively, and glean insights from one another. This ethos lies at the very heart of our organization. Through collaborative endeavors, we strive to effect meaningful change in our sport by educating our clients comprehensively.

Trusting IART

At IART, we understand that you look to us for reliable and valuable information to enhance your understanding of racquet service and its various facets. Transparency is paramount to us—we acknowledge both our areas of expertise and areas where our knowledge may be limited. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we navigate with a compass forged through many years in the industry. Moreover, we maintain strong relationships with industry professionals, enabling us to seek answers and insights when needed. Our commitment is to provide you with up-to-date and precise information around the clock, ensuring your continual access to reliable guidance.


IART members enjoy round-the-clock access to the interactive Q&A platform. Whether you have inquiries about racquet service or seek advice from the community, you’ll find answers here. Additionally, if you’d like to receive notifications for any new questions, send a request to Executive Director Tim Strawn via the “Contact Us” section, and your profile will be updated accordingly to ensure you stay informed.

While other organizations focus on people’s origins, our priority lies in understanding where you aspire to go and how the IART can support you on your journey.

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