Our Ethos

If you know the way, light it for others

We strive to continually help and support the global community of racquet technicians. To that end, our website is strategically designed to give every racquet technician the tools they need to become the very best he/she can be.


No one has written the handbook on racquet service and that means there’s always room to improve, to lean on one another and grow together. One approach to continuous, incremental improvement is called Kaizen. It originated in Japan and the word translates to mean change (kai) for the good (zen).

Kaizen is based on the philosophical belief that everything can be improved: some organizations look at a process and see that it’s running fine; organizations that follow the principle of Kaizen see a process that can be improved. This means that nothing is ever seen as the status quo – there are continuous efforts to improve which result in small, often imperceptible, changes over time.


Our prime purpose is to help others, in part because we are connected by shared experiences and we can all learn from one another. IART is dedicated to the racquet technician who is on the front lines servicing racquets for players of all ages and levels of play. Our goal is to provide consistent and accurate information to help you, the stringer, to be the very best you can be.

Our methods are straight forward, user friendly and our website is beautifully designed to challenge our members to interact as a community of like-minded people. You’ll see us challenge the status quo from time to time because we believe in thinking outside the box. We have some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry in our corner so why not join us?


The IART is “all-inclusive” without confusing geographical borders and thus, the “International” designation. The IART was the first organization to break down the geographical boundaries and we continue our unique approach in the 21st Century.


Our mission is to provide an atmosphere within our community where the racquet technician is given the priority and attention they deserve. Community-a word often used to refer to a group that is organized around common goals and values. This is precisely the intent and purpose of the IART. The focus for our community is education as it relates to:

  • Training the racquet stringer to be the very best they can be
  • Assisting parents and juniors in navigating the difficult process of racquet selection, string selection and tension to ensure maximum performance at any level of play
  • To advise and assist players in an ongoing effort to minimize injury and to insure the players’ longevity in the game of tennis. Too many injuries are occurring due to misinformation and bad advice for racquets, string & tension. IART believes that by providing the proper education and advice for all involved we can help prevent potential injury to players.


At IART you can look to us for trustworthy and useful information to empower you to improve your overall knowledge of racquet service and it’s many aspects. At the same time, we have to be honest about what we know and what we don’t know. Many years of experience provide the compass that guides us and when answers escape us, we can turn to our industry professionals with whom we’ve formed solid relationships with over the years. The goal is to insure up-to-date and accurate information 24/7. While other organizations look for where people are coming from, we’re more interested in where you want to go and how the IART can help you get there.