Ashaway Renews Cliff Swain and Ana Gabriela Martinez Sponsorships

Ashaway, RI – Continuing its long player sponsorship tradition, Ashaway Racket Strings today announced the renewal of sponsorship contracts for two of racquetball’s past and present stars, legendary superstar Cliff Swain, and reigning Racquetball Federation World Champion, Ana Gabriela Martinez. Specific terms of the agreements were not disclosed. “Sponsored players are our best ambassadors,” said Steve Crandall, Ashaway Vice President. “And in our long-time friend Cliff Swain, and young phenom Gaby Martinez, we have two great players as well.”

Cliff Swain

A well-known figure to many racquetball fans, Cliff retired from the IRT several years ago, after the winningest career in racquetball history. Now a much sought after coach, he continues to stay active in doubles and outdoor racquetball, and playing WRT events. He is also very active with youth leagues, teaching lessons and hosting clinics. In 2014, Cliff introduced his own Cliff Swain Signature Series racquets, which are strung with Ashaway strings. After playing with Ashaway PowerKill® 17 for years, Cliff just switched to the new PU-based multifilament nylon MultiKill® 17.

At 19, Guatemalan native, current World Champion and LPRT ranked #9 woman, Ana Gabriela “Gaby” Martinez is at the beginning of what also promises to be a stellar career. The self-described “hyperactive” child took up racquetball at the suggestion of her parents to “channel her energy.” But she quickly fell in love with the sport and says she wants to see more women participate. Passionate and dedicated, Gaby regularly trains six days a week, four to six hours per day. She strings her racquet with Ashaway PowerKill 17, strung at 35 lbs., and her current goal is to win the Gold Medal at this year’s Pan American Games to be played in Lima, Peru.
Ashaway Racket Strings are made by Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co., the only U.S. manufacturer of string for squash, tennis, racquetball, and badminton. Operated by the Crandall family since 1824, Ashaway has been making racquet strings since 1949, and is responsible for several important technical innovations. Ashaway has been the Official String of USA Racquetball for more than fifteen years. Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co. also makes braided products for medical and industrial applications. For more information visit You can also follow Steve Crandall on Instagram at ashawayusastring.
For additional product information, contact:
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