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Mark Gonzalez

Mark is one of the most respected names in the industry when it comes to customer service and in fact, is a role model for others to follow. Marks knowledge of stringing machines ranks among the very best in the industry. Mark is a MRT (Master Racquet Technician) with the USRSA (United States Racquet Stringers Association) and a certification tester for the USRSA as well. Mark began his career in the industry in 1985 in Corpus Christi Texas by working 8 years at Nevada Bob’s Golf and Tennis. In 1993 he moved to Alpha Racquet Sports where he remains today. Mark is without a doubt the number one reason behind Alpha’s renowned reputation for outstanding customer care and service after the sale. In recent years Mark has taken a position with Yonex and continues to work as an outside rep with the company. Mark has partnered with J.C. Carpentier of Tennis Machines in Valley Park, Missouri to offer his insight into machine repair and maintenance at the IART symposium. He is extremely passionate about racquet sports and he has participated in every IART stringers symposium to date as well as Alpha being a sponsor from the very beginning. You can contact Mark directly via email at

Julian Crandall
Julian Crandall

Julian Crandall

Ashaway Line & Twine is a firmly established American company that manufacturers racquet string as well as other products like medical sutures. They have been on the cutting edge of racquet string manufacture for many years and most recently, introduced their MonoGut Zyex string. We’re happy to have Julian on board as an industry consultant to the Alliance group.  Julian is a member of the ownership family of Ashaway Line and Twine MFG and Ashaway Racquet Strings. He joined the family business 5 years ago and currently serves as the manufacturing director for Ashaway Racquet Strings.  He is heavily involved in both production and R+D for their tennis products and he is available to answer questions and have discussions about Ashaway tennis products and strings in general. You can reach Julian via email at or you can access his member profile here on the Alliance site and send him a PM


Lance Andersen
Lance Andersen

Lance Andersen

Lance Andersen is a PTR National Tester and Clinician 4A, a member of the National Cardio Tennis Speaker Team, USPTA Certified, an Etcheberry certified coach, a member of Team Babolat and a member of the USRSA. He is also the chairmen of the PTR technology committee, the PTR Massachusetts state representative, the USPTA New England Lesson For Life Chairperson, a member of the Tennis Industry Association Technology Committee, a USTA New England adult committee member, and USTA Eastern Mass Association League committee member. Lance is a senior tennis professional at the Longfellow Club in Wayland MA and for the Tennis Academy of Harvard. Lance was the recipient of the 2011 PTR & Tennis Industry Association Commitment to the Industry Award and was named the 2011 PTR USTA New England PTR Professional of the Year. Previously he was named the 2010 USPTA New England Regional Pro of the year and the 2010 PTR Massachusetts Member of the Year. Lance has been a speaker at tennis industry events for the PTR, Tennis Industry Association, USTA, and USPTA. When not on the court, Lance is a senior software engineer in the Java Engineering group at Oracle Corporation.


Stewart Barnes
Stewart Barnes

Stewart Barnes, CFP Ameriprise Financial Services


  • Member, Financial Planning Association
  • Senior Financial Advisor
  • Bachelor of Science Degree
  • Master of Science Degree

Stewart will be contributing material relating to financial planning and investments for businesses. He has participated as a presenter at the IART symposium in the past covering tax issues and business organization as they pertain to small businesses.


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