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“If you know the way, light it for others”

We strive to continually help and support the global community of racquet technicians. To that end, our website is strategically designed to give every racquet technician the tools they need to become the very best he/she can be. Our online stringing courses are rich with in-depth written material however, we feel the best way to learn is by seeing, and therefore, the courses are packed with videos to visually enhance your learning.


No one has written the handbook on racquet service and that means there’s always room to improve, to learn from one another and to grow together. One approach to continuous, incremental improvement is called kaizen. It originated in Japan and the word translates to mean change (kai) for the good (zen).

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Owner & Executive Director, IART

Tim is a professional racquet technician with over 30 years of experience. He has a background as a teaching professional with both the USPTA & PTR and from 2000 to 2008 he worked as a professional racquet technician on the official stringing teams at various ATP/WTA events including Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, and the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami.

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IART is dedicated to empowering individuals globally to elevate their expertise as racquet technicians, alongside catering to local players in our local community. Curious to hear what they have to say about us? Explore their testimonials today!

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Our global ambassadors are ready to share their years of experience with those who are passionate about racquet service.


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The International Alliance of Racquet Technicians (IART) is a global organization dedicated specifically to the racquet service side of the tennis industry. Our primary focus is to unite racquet technicians from around the world who have a true passion, love, and dedication for the craft of racquet service.

Our string characteristics data base provides you with a quick reference for determining what string to use for your clients. Numeric figures from actual bench tests are provided for elongation (higher numbers=softer string) and tensile strength (how durable is it). Easy sort functions allow you to sort 6 different string types; Nylon, Multifilament, Natural Gut, Polyester, Kevlar & PEEK. You can also sort specific manufacturer strings (what’s the softest Wilson string we tested), or select “All” to sort the entire list (what’s the softest string we tested among ALL manufacturers).

Our stringers directory is one of the most unique member features offered anywhere within the industry. If your interest is tournament stringing or you would like to make yourself available for special events you have the option to submit your profile to be listed in this data base. We will then promote this list to tournament directors and special events coordinators.

List your business profile here and we’ll make it available to the public via the main navigation link “Tennis Shops in Your Area”. Listing your business profile here will give you International visibility to attract new clients. Think of this as a 21st century yellow pages

Locating that “hard to find” B/G set can be a real challenge. As an IART member, you can list your available B/G sets here and sell them to the public. Only members can list their B/G sets but the list is accessible to the public.

We offer a very unique format of stringing machine reviews that provide data to help you make the right choice the first time when buying a stringing machine or a piece of diagnostic equipment. Example: Mounting systems are rated to clearly show how well a specific machine holds the racquet in place during the stringing process.

Our racquet reviews are unlike any within the industry. We provide dynamic and static data that is designed to assist the technician when finding a new racquet for their clients. This information can also be used as a quick comparison guide between racquets.


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The International Alliance of Racquet Technicians (IART) is a global organization dedicated specifically to the racquet service side of the tennis industry. Our primary focus is to unite racquet technicians from around the world who have a true passion, love, and dedication for the craft of racquet service. Our purpose is to continually look for the best possible resources that will enable the technician to refine, update and improve their skills and to present that information in such a way that it has true value and meaning.

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The International Alliance of Racquet Technicians™ is an independent organization that seeks to support those with an interest and passion in the art of racquet service, with a primary focus on tennis.

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