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Attention players: Try to avoid this

Often times I see racquets coming to me for service that have a very common problem. Looking at the top of the racquet with reference to a clock face, at the 11 & 1 areas and moving in towards the center to almost 12 o’clock straight up the bumper guard is completely worn away and [see more]

1st video of 2018

Greetings everyone I’ve just posted the first instructional video of the new year and this one is a tip on how to remove a problem grip. I think at one point or another we’ve all had a racquet come in with an overwrap that should have been replaced months ago but the player just kept [see more]

Diabolo grooves

How many of you have had an issue with various strings wearing a deep groove in your diabolo? I’ve had some comments from various folks who have had this problem and they attribute it to stiff textured poly strings. For the record, you are not obligated to use the diabolo on your machine if you [see more]

Murray’s comeback troubles continue

Courtesy The Guardian A crestfallen Andy Murray withdrew at the last minute from the Brisbane International on Tuesday, then cast serious doubt on his immediate future when he revealed he is considering surgery to mend his troublesome right hip. His chances of playing in the Australian Open, less than a fortnight away, are negligible. After [see more]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from IART. I wish only the best for all of you in 2018 with many new clients, lots of racquets to string and strong hands and fingers to see you through the heaviest work loads.