Ashaway’s Updated Badminton Line Offers a String for Every Style and Level of Play

Ashaway's family of badminton strings

Ashaway, RI -- After a number of consolidations and introductions, Ashaway's updated line of badminton strings is now structured to provide a string for every style and frequency of play, from weekend shuttlers to the world's top professionals. The complete line now includes two string families: the ZyMax® Fire family of competition strings, which are constructed with a proprietary BETA polymer and Ashaway's patented ZyWeaVe™ core technology; and the newest introduction to the line, Ashaway's Rally® 21 Fire, also made with BETA polymer.

The ZyMax Fire line includes four strings, each designed to optimize the various characteristics of BETA polymer and ZyWeaVe construction. These include sensational elasticity and dynamic stiffness for excellent feel and repulsion; optimum strength and durability; and exceptional tension holding ability for consistent performance. This combination allows players to select a string tailored to their individual games, while providing superior tension holding and durability.

ZyMax 62 Fire is a 0.62 mm micro gauge string designed for maximum repulsion and shuttle response. Both ZyMax 66 Fire and ZyMax 66 Fire Power are 0.66 mm strings designed for high performance players, with 66 Fire tailored to provide precise shot making and 66 Fire Power designed to provide maximum power and explosive repulsion. ZyMax 69 Fire is the heavyweight of the group, geared to provide exceptional durability and string life.

The most recent addition to Ashaway's Badminton string line, Rally 21 Fire, is an evolution of Ashaway's classic Rally 21 with a new core material. Designed for players at all levels the new 0.70 mm Rally 21 Fire is constructed of Ashaway's proprietary Beta Polymer, and provides a 25% improvement in dynamic stiffness and elasticity over its predecessors, as well as a 25% improvement in knot and sheer strength. These improvements maximize shuttle speed, provide optimum strength and durability, and minimize tension loss for overall consistent performance.

Ashaway Racket Strings are made by Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co., the only U.S. manufacturer of string for squash, tennis, racquetball, and badminton. Operated by the Crandall family since 1824, Ashaway has been making racquet strings since 1949, and is responsible for several important technical innovations. Ashaway has been the Official String of USA Racquetball for more than fifteen years. Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co. also makes braided products for medical and industrial applications. For more information visit Zyex is a registered trademark of Zyex Ltd.

For additional product information, contact:
Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. Co.
PO Box 549
Ashaway, RI 02804 USA
Tel: (800) 556-7260 (U.S. only) or +1 (401) 377-2221
Fax: +1 (401) 377-9091
Twitter: @Ashaway1824

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