Is This Reel?

Yeah, I know what you are thinking...John can't spell!  Well, you are partially right!

The "reel" I am talking about is the one that most racquet strings come on for those that prefer that format.  More specifically I am talking about "bogus" string on reels!  We don't buy anything from unknown or unverified suppliers, period.  But I recognize how tempting it can be to get a reel of Luxilon 4G for $35.00 for example!

Obviously, anyone familiar with string cost would know that this cannot be the "reel" thing but what if your client is trying to save a ton of money and brings a reel into you for stringing?  It will become clear during the stringing process that this is not what you are used to!

But how do you tell if a reel of a string is bogus, or potentially bogus requiring more discussion before you begin the stringing process?  The easiest way to tell is to look at the reel!  More specifically the bonding of the two halves of the plastic reel.

Here are some images of reels.  See if you can spot the bogus reel.

Is this reel?

Is this real or unreal?

Is this real or unreal?

4G...real or unreal?

If you have identified the "bogus" reel then that "bonding" is what you would look for if you are suspicious.

If you buy most of your string in sets (individual packages) you are at even more risk of not being able to identify a bogus string.  The people making and selling this stuff are very good at "copying" legitimate packaging.

So, my advice is to only buy string, or any product for that matter, from a known, reliable source.

Let me know which reel is bogus!

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