Women and Retirement: Myth vs. Reality

Are you dreaming of a leisurely retirement enjoying a second cup of morning coffee, or is a sunrise round of golf more your speed? Either way, you’ll need to know the facts so you can guide your retirement dreams with realism. Historically the road to retirement hasn’t been smooth for many women. In fact, the [see more]

Understanding ETFs

Over the past several years, Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have become quite popular. There are now more than 1,200 ETFs available adding up to more than $1 trillion in assets, according to National Stock Exchange.Investors have flocked to ETFs because of their low costs, tax efficiency, and stock-like features. But before you decide to invest, be [see more]

Preparing for the Long-Term Future of a Business

Here’s an important question for busy business owners – what’s next for your company? Not just tomorrow or even in the months ahead, but when the time comes that you or one of your key employees retires or leaves the organization unexpectedly? At a time when many baby boomers are thinking about retirement, those who own [see more]

What’s the Outlook for Social Security?

Will Social Security be available for you when you retire? Based on how much chatter and misinformation surrounds the subject, you may be surprised by the answer. Barring dramatic changes, Social Security will continue to provide benefits for all future retirees, including you. The real question is how much you will receive in benefits. A [see more]

A Smart Approach to Municipal Bonds

Investors seeking a tax-advantaged source of income have long been attracted to municipal bonds. The appeal centers on the fact that municipal bonds offer income that is generally not subject to federal income tax and sometimes is free of state and local tax liabilities as well. Since the bonds are typically issued by state or [see more]

Surviving the Squeeze of the Sandwich Generation

As if saving for retirement isn’t challenging enough, add to it the financial and emotional responsibility of helping your kids and attending to the needs of elderly parents, and you’re officially a member of the Sandwich Generation. Buzz about the Sandwich Generation emerged several years back as the bulk of Baby Boomers reached age 50. While [see more]

Retirement: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

It’s safe to say that your retirement will bear little resemblance to that of your grandparents – and even your parents. The world has changed so much in the past 20 years that even the savviest prognosticators couldn’t have predicted all changes in society and technology that have transformed our daily lives. We now know [see more]

Stay-at-Home Spouses Deserve a Retirement Plan, Too

Contrary to popular belief, retirement planning is not just for employed wage earners. Spouses who forgo a paycheck to stay at home need a financial safety net just as much as their working counterparts. Planning for the financial security of a nonworking spouse can help ensure there is replacement income if circumstances change. Here are [see more]

Raising Money-Smart Kids: What Every Parent Should Know

It was easier to teach children the value of a dollar when cash was a more tangible commodity. Credit, stored value and gift cards have made money invisible – creating an extra challenging environment for instilling financial discipline in your kids. But don’t despair; despite the challenges, there are still ways to pass on your [see more]

Costs Keep Going Up – Are You Prepared?

Many people have likely experienced “sticker shock” this year as prices increased significantly at the gas pump and the grocery store. Consumers have no choice but to pay up, but rising costs can be a big challenge during retirement. Future retirees will be forced to dig deeper into their savings to maintain their desired lifestyle, [see more]