Time For a Change?

I propose a service charge for “removal of one-year-old overgrips” as a way to convince players these overgrips are intended to be changed, oh, maybe every month or so! Good grief!  These things should be changed before every match at least! Every racquet that leaves our shop has a new overgrip.  You would think this would be [see more]

Fix My Tennis Elbow….Please – Part 2

We’re talking about tennis elbow in this series and in part 1, we received a lot of comments from IART members and gained some good insight on how to address this issue. Some key points to take away from part 1 are: Technicians are well advised to recognize their role. Don’t play “doctor” unless you’re [see more]

A Primer on Tennis Elbow

For many of us, our tennis season is shorter due to inclimate weather as the Winter months set in. Our playing time is reduced and we get somewhat complacent on taking care of ourselves. Then along comes the Spring and all we can think about is getting outside and playing tennis. Unfortunately, this is also the [see more]