Come on, REALLY?

When can we expect string manufacturers to stop making impossible claims? “String X will give you more topspin” “String Y is the string for you if you’re looking for more spin” Some simply brush these claims aside as if not important while others see it as a real problem. To those selling the string I [see more]

Ivor Savage – Ytex

We take a different approach with our member profile this time and interview a manufacturer representative from Ytex, Ivor Savage. Ytex is an emerging string company in the tennis world that is gaining popularity among all playing levels. If you’ve ever been around Ivor Savage you undoubtedly know that his enthusiasm for tennis is infectious. [see more]


a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding. As in Prince synthetic gut at 60 lbs? This request was long standing within our industry for the simple reason that players lacked an understanding of what they were asking for. Everyone else was using the same string at [see more]

IART video project

At the beginning of the year I placed a post HERE about a new video project that I’ve wanted to undertake for quite some time. For those of you who have been asking and some who have signed on knowing that this is coming, please be patient with me as I am dependent on a few [see more]


WWTSD – What would the professional stringer do? You’re sitting in one of the local clubs because you’ve been invited to come watch one of your clients kids play in a tournament. He’s down 1 set and in a tough tiebreak in the second and his opponent breaks a string. He hands it to mom [see more]

Take a bite out of your “Apple”!

Or in this case, add a few bites! I’ve been at this website business for quite a few years now and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a computer expert. So, just how do those of us who aren’t as savvy as others with a computer survive and keep our computers free [see more]

String Characteristics

I had a potential problem with string and I used the String Characteristics page and the answer was clear. Decision made-this a great tool!

New layout of IART navigation links

Hi everyone In case you haven’t noticed, I recently changed the navigation links on the IART website. Previously, we had a link for “Member Directories” that had three different directories; bumper/grommets, business listings and tournament stringers. Each of those 3 directories had a sub directory where the public could then search each database. I thought [see more]

Business Basics – Part 13 – Final Comments

As I mentioned in part 1 of this series, we’ve covered a lot of this material at the annual IART symposium. We’ve brought in expert financial consultants and provided detailed information on just what it takes to start and run a successful racquet sports business. Here are some of the key points to take away [see more]

Business Basics – Part 12 – Taxes

Oh what a nasty word right? No one likes to pay taxes but unfortunately, it comes with the turf. Once you choose your business name and register this with your local city and state government agencies you’re no longer operating under the radar. That means if you don’t pay your taxes you’re in for a [see more]