Babolat RPM Blast Rough

Babolat has entered the “rough” polyester string market in a brilliant way! The colors I mean!  There are several bright strings on the market but these two standout!  Of course, color does not make a string good or bad, but the appearance is an important part of string selection for many players.  It seems “natural” [see more]

Yonex String Added!

I don’t know about you but the Yonex string “line” sort of gets overlooked, and it is no wonder with so many string brands available now. However, the Yonex line represents a very broad offering of materials, shapes, textures, and gauges, most of which are manufactured in Japan. Yonex “Rexis” is a new entry and represents a very [see more]

New Strings Added!

I added several new strings to the String Characteristic Data.  Thank you, Mark, for the TopSpin and PolyFibre strings. These bring the total number of strings, in this database, to almost 400 hundred (391 to be exact)! Four (4) of the PolyFibre strings stand out especially considering the talk about “soft” strings.  You will quickly [see more]

Gosen String Added to Data

Many thanks to Jim Conti of Sportmode, Inc, the US arm of Gosen for sending some strings for inclusion in the IART String Characteristic Data. The strings added or updated are: Gosen Sidewinder 16 Gosen Sidewinder 17 Gosen Poly Professional 16 Gosen Poly Professional 17 As a reminder, the IART String Characteristic Data are a great resource when [see more]

Soft String…What is it?

In 1994 I did a presentation for the USRSA in Atlanta.  The topic was… “Understanding String”. It is now 2016 and we are still trying to understand string! Especially “soft” polyester based string. In 1994 PolyStar was the only polyester based string I was familiar with. Since then there are dozens of offerings from anyone [see more]

Diadem Strings Added

I just added twelve (12) sets of string provided by Diadem Sports.  Thanks to IART member David Hall for getting this included in the String Characteristic Data, and thank you to Diadem Sports for sending the sets! The common characteristic of the Solstice Power and Elite XT series is the “star” shaped cross section.  The [see more]

Tensile Strength…is it important?

Tensile strength sometimes referred to as UTS is the point at which the string, in this case, breaks during a straight pull.  Tensile strength is not a value a manufacturer will put on the package because it is easily manipulated and can, in some cases, be misleading. For most racquet technicians, tensile strength is not [see more]

Can We Have Both?

Almost since the beginning of the “polyester” era, the “promotable advantage” was the strings ability to slide and snapback creating the much coveted “spin.” However, the packaging of a very popular polyester string makes a contrary claim stating that the string “resists movement”! But, more power and spin! So, we can have both according to [see more]

Yonex String

Yes, Yonex sells string, and has for many years, and still source a lot of them in Japan! I use Yonex TourSuper 850, along with BiPhase, and Remplir, as a premium multi-filament for players demanding playability. With the extraordinary increase in polyester offerings I have included in the String Characteristic Data some Yonex polyester strings. [see more]

Head Velocity MLT

Head has introduced a new string, and, by doing so has joined a group of brands that are still investing in string R&D!  Contrary to some thinking polyester string is not the best string for every player so congratulations to the brands that are contributing. Anyway, the Velocity MLT is a polyamide (nylon) string of [see more]