Comparing Natural Gut String

Luxilon, which is a major player in the monofilament PET string field, recently introduced a natural gut string as a complement to the broad range of string that is used in hybrid formats. I have generated a lot of data over the past few months about the Luxilon string, both 16 and 17 gauge, compared to [see more]

Classic POG OS w/Ashaway Crossfire +

I remember back in the mid 80″s having my first look at the Prince Original Graphite OS racquet. I took it out for a test drive and was thoroughly impressed, remembering it was one of the best feeling racquets I had ever hit with. Jump ahead to yesterday and look what showed up in my [see more]

Old issue – new tactic….natural gut breakage

We’ve been talking about this for quite some time and James Elkovitch recently submitted an article to the USRSA explaining his solution for reducing the likelihood of this happening. We can’t prevent mis-hits but as technicians James offered an interesting idea using Babolat frames as an example. John Gugel responded indicating that the breaks might [see more]

Soft String…What is it?

In 1994 I did a presentation for the USRSA in Atlanta.  The topic was… “Understanding String”. It is now 2016 and we are still trying to understand string! Especially “soft” polyester based string. In 1994 PolyStar was the only polyester based string I was familiar with. Since then there are dozens of offerings from anyone [see more]

Experiment – New Babolat Pure Aero

One of the things we make an effort to do for the Alliance group is provide interesting and factual information to help racquet technicians in their daily activities. We address the questions that never seem to get answered or, if they do get answered, there’s such a plethora of responses that no one really knows [see more]

How to charge for your stringing

When you make a decision about what strings to carry you probably affix a price to that set based on your cost plus your stringing fee. Let’s say you pay $7.50 for a set of string and you charge $20.00 for installation. Some stringing businesses will make that a $27.50 string job. Now let’s say [see more]

Stringing Cost Calculator Idea

As string material and brands options increase at an alarming rate it may be time to discover how to charge for your stringing service and expertise. Typically it has been two (2) times the cost of the string plus your desired hourly rate.  Sometimes your charges are based on the local competition.  Of course, you know the [see more]

So you want to be a tournament stringer!

Post #2 in series Ron Rocchi, Wilson Team Leader – shares his tips on being a pro tour stringer on the Wilson team. The Wilson stringing team has refined many aspects of tournament stringing, and there are some practices that can be applied to any type of home or retail stringing. Our constant focus while [see more]

Can We Have Both?

Almost since the beginning of the “polyester” era, the “promotable advantage” was the strings ability to slide and snapback creating the much coveted “spin.” However, the packaging of a very popular polyester string makes a contrary claim stating that the string “resists movement”! But, more power and spin! So, we can have both according to [see more]

One Piece Versus Two Piece Stringing

UPDATE: this was originally posted back in 2010 but I am re-posting it because of recent comments by another stringing organization. The IART position is that two-piece stringing is preferable and please note, that this is the organizations position. We’re not dictating to anyone whether or not you choose one piece or two piece stringing [see more]