What if?

What if the loss in tension of a string had no real impact on how well a player could play with it? For example, we know that many poly’s lose tension quite fast and as a result,  within a matter of hours the percentage of tension loss is very high. The fact of the matter [see more]

Head Primal Hybrid

Head is introducing their new Primal Hybrid string set as an easy way to answer the question “what strings go where?” The main string is a monofilament and the cross string is a multifilament…it says so on the package.  The power potential of the main string is 4.54 and the cross string is 8.72.  This [see more]

What Difference Does it Make?

There is a lot of discussions, when talking about hybrid string formats, as to where the natural gut portion should go. Should gut be in the main or the cross? Well, we will see what difference it makes in just a few minutes. The racquets in question are identical Volkl Super G Mid 320 SMU’s [see more]

Wilson Power 15 String Added

If you are looking for a non-polyester string that may offer some durability this might be for you.  I would certainly try this in very “open” string patterns in a large head racquet. This is a nylon based string with a PP of 9.25 (about twice that of most polyesters) and a diameter of 1.41mm! [see more]

Babolat RPM Blast Rough

Babolat has entered the “rough” polyester string market in a brilliant way! The colors I mean!  There are several bright strings on the market but these two standout!  Of course, color does not make a string good or bad, but the appearance is an important part of string selection for many players.  It seems “natural” [see more]

Yonex String Added!

I don’t know about you but the Yonex string “line” sort of gets overlooked, and it is no wonder with so many string brands available now. However, the Yonex line represents a very broad offering of materials, shapes, textures, and gauges, most of which are manufactured in Japan. Yonex “Rexis” is a new entry and represents a very [see more]

YTex Strings Added

Thanks, Ivor, for seeing that we have all the YTex string offerings in the String Characteristic Data. I have added six (6) YTex strings including two (2) nylon based offerings. Take a look… String Characteristic Data  

Mauve Sports Strings

I have added three (3) Mauve Sports strings to the String Characteristic Data. Take a look to see if these fit your player market. String Characteristic Data

Soft String…What is it?

In 1994 I did a presentation for the USRSA in Atlanta.  The topic was… “Understanding String”. It is now 2016 and we are still trying to understand string! Especially “soft” polyester based string. In 1994 PolyStar was the only polyester based string I was familiar with. Since then there are dozens of offerings from anyone [see more]

Just what is soft string?

Someone recently commented on “softer” polyester strings and one response was “What is soft”. Traditional poly’s are quite stiff and at www.gssalliance.com we test strings for power potential, which is a by-product of elongation or how much a string stretches. All strings undergo the EXACT same testing process so the procedure is consistent among all [see more]