What Difference Does it Make?

There is a lot of discussions, when talking about hybrid string formats, as to where the natural gut portion should go. Should gut be in the main or the cross? Well, we will see what difference it makes in just a few minutes. The racquets in question are identical Volkl Super G Mid 320 SMU’s [see more]

Prince P7000 Stringing Machine Review

Prince P7000 – Back to the Future? The Prince P7000 stringing machine represents the collection of current electronic capabilities and the “old time”, and very good, Prince Two Point Mounting System, which is actually Four (4) points. There will be more detail on the mounting system later but for several years the “normal” mounting system [see more]

Data is Data is Data is Data…

Data is our friend. The more data points we have the better we understand things! Great, of course, but what if the data is a product of various data “collectors”? As racquet technicians we have several different pieces of equipment to collect data and we rely on these for our business. However, it is not [see more]

What Difference does it Make?

I am often asked “how much does tension setting affect string bed stiffness?”  It is pretty obvious that higher tension settings will, normally, return a stiffer string bed.  But how much and is there a point of diminishing returns (control v power)? To establish a basis for discussion I strung seven (7) racquets at different [see more]

Tension-Analyzer… a Review

  Recently I received a new tension analysis device from France!  Yes, France includes John Elliot and Eric Ferrazzi, the people behind this new device. The unit I received is the latest production model that incorporates the new alignment feature.  The device was nicely packaged for the trip from France and includes a plastic “sleeve” [see more]

A Very Rare Opportunity!

How often do you have the chance to string eight (8) brand new racquets then bag them and keep them in storage for about seven (7) months!  Here is the story… Last October I received eight (8) of the new Head YouTek IG Series racquets for evaluation.  This involves collecting all the specific racquet data [see more]

String Bed Stiffness Stability

Everyone talks about “tension loss” because it is a serious point that needs to be recognized by your client. Tension loss does occur and we know by watching tennis matches that at some point the player no longer feels comfortable with the racquet, bags it, and plucks another from their bag. Tension loss is just [see more]

Dynamic Tension – Part One

Dynamic Tension, hereinafter referred to as DT, is ball power in kp required to depress the string bed one (1) cm at the center of the string bed. What is kp?  This is the International Unit of mass generally called kilo’s and equals 2.20 pounds. What is one (1) cm?  This is the International Unit [see more]

Dynamic Tension – Part Duex

How is DT different than Reference Tension, hereinafter referred to as RT?   Well, very simply, RT is the “beginning” and DT is the “ending”.  I mean when a player asks for a RT of 55 they are requesting that you set your stringing machine at 55.  What you end up with may be different from [see more]

Reference Tension or Dynamic Tension

It hasn’t happened, yet, to a great extent, but I think it is coming!  Whats that?  Players asking for a “dynamic tension” instead of a “reference tension”.  Why?  Many players are using the Beer’s ERT300 as a means of checking string bed stiffness!  In my opinion the Beer’s ERT300 is a valuable tool for both [see more]