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Problem Racquets: Prince 03 Speedport Blue

Some racquets present more challenges than others for the racquet technician. The Prince 03 Speedport Blue is one such racquet. Why? First and foremost you’re working with a racquet that has a few design features that require a little tender loving care. Let’s take a closer look and se if we can’t make it much [see more]

Something New…Origine Racquet

Have you heard about the Origine tennis racquet?  Well join the crowd because this new racquet has only been visible for a short time as far as I can tell. The Origine racquet is the creation of a group of composite gurus that have introduced flax fibre as a component fibre!  Flax, of course could [see more]

Measuring for Proper Grip Size

There’s a standard way to measure for proper grip size and all you need is a small ruler. Look at the photo on the right and you can clearly see how this is done. The average person has two dominate lines running horizontally across the center of the palm. Simply measure from the line closest to the wrist [see more]

What is Dwell Time?

Understanding dwell time is simple enough but how is it measured? Some of the dwell times you see and hear are in the 4-5 millisecond range. If it is in this range it is probably determined by high speed photography. Several factors enter into the dwell time. One is how fast the racquet is moving, [see more]

The Kawazoe Study

For many years now the arguments have been raging about the pros and cons of polyester strings. Do they generate more power or create more spin and if so, how and why. Well, finally, we’re starting to get some significant studies on the subject and that’s what this post is all about. First go to The [see more]

The Aerodynamics of Tennis Balls

How the aerodynamics of tennis balls change with wear and the implications to players Dissertation by Jamie Pethick, BSc in Sport and Exercise, ERSA Master Racquet Technician and Pro Tour Stringer  Posted on IART by permission-Jamie Pethick   ABSTRACT There are no rules regarding the felt of a tennis ball, yet changes in the felt affect [see more]

Babolat Pure Drive GT Cortex Review

In the years Babolat has been active in the US tennis racquet market they have gone from “newbie” to “ruler” in the performance racquet segment.  How is this possible? Babolat took a proven racquet design and incorporated the “Woofer System”, great graphics, and a brand name that many were familiar with.  The “woofer” system is [see more]


Q1: What is the most common material for racquet string? A1: Right now Nylon (polyamide) is the most common material.  Many different combinations of nylon produce many different string characteristics. Q2: What is “synthetic gut”? A2: The term “synthetic gut” has very little meaning in terms of string quality.  Typically “synthetic gut” is the term [see more]