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Babolat Reaches New Agreement with Roland Garros

Babolat & Roland Garros have announced a new long term agreement for balls and stringing services at the French Open Championships. What follows is the official press release from the joint venture. French Open tournament director Gilbert Ysem & Eric Babolat (photo right) A unique agreement between two historic French brands, serving all tennis lovers. [see more]

Solving Shared Holes

Shared holes and tie-off holes can sometimes be a problem when you’re trying to get that second string into the hole. There a couple of fixes for this that can help. The easiest, IMHO, is to enlarge that hole prior to stringing. There are a few different ways to approach this so let’s take a [see more]

I Need Answers!

No, really, I need answers.  I’m trying to find out if, and if so why, you would choose to use a stringing pattern/technique other than one best suited to the racquet being strung.   Of course, if you’re on a tournament stringing team and the team leader says to do it you probably should. I think, [see more]

Rotating Clamps…Why do we need them?

Rotating clamps; why do we need them?  These clamps can be especially helpful when stringing racquets with fan patterns. They also allow switching from main strings to cross strings without having to remove and replace glide bars. They are generally made of steel and built to last. They are being utilized on more machines today [see more]

Six Way Dynamic-You Never Knew You Were That Good Did You?

Situation: A new customer (Susan) brings in her racquet, let’s say it’s a Wilson Hyper Sledge Hammer 2.0 stretch. She says it was perfect when she first started playing but now she’s having trouble controlling the ball. She’s also concerned because of the enormous amount of money she paid for that frame just a short [see more]

Temperature & Tension

At this time of year I get many comments from players such as “this racquet feels like a board” or “this cold makes my strings stiff”, and so on. So, the only thing to do is to find out for sure.  Here it is: I picked three (3) different racquets with different string bed stiffness.  I [see more]