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Finger Protection

This tip really applies more to tournament stringers because of the vast quantity of racquets they’ll string in a short period of time. However, if you’re in a very busy shop and you’re stringing several racquets a day this also applies to you. The worst thing that can happen to a stringer is for your [see more]

String Bed Deflection Linerarity

How do I make sense of the chart I see below?  How can it help me?  How can it help my customer? Good questions!  I will try to answer all of them but if you have any questions please feel free to ask it on the “forum” or as a comment on the post. Very [see more]

Grip Tape Fix

Interestingly enough we see all sorts of little tricks to keep the grip finishing tape from rolling back once it’s installed. I’ve even seen stringers that go to such great lengths as to apply a glue or some other agent to get the tape to stick. If you just think about it, this is an [see more]

Customizing in an Instant!

Racquet customization is a huge part of what I, and many others, do.  We do it because we no longer have a ’49 Merc around the house that we can slap some flames on and call it a “custom”.  We just love to make things better! Yesterday afternoon a client, that will remain anonymous, called [see more]

Babolat RDC v FlexFour

These two diagnostic devices represent totally different ways to measure frame “flex”, or “stiffness”.  So, what’s the difference? First, the Babolat RDC is probably the “De facto” diagnostic equipment and is referenced by many racquet manufacturers.  The FlexFour has gone through several iterations involving “pressure” measurement.  So one FlexFour may be different than another.  The [see more]

Build a Racquet

Have you ever wondered how a racquet changes during it’s trip from the mold to the shelf?  Well then, take a look at this brief non-technical post! As you know a tennis racquet is a composite of fiber and resin with the fibers being laid up, over a “bladder”, in several layers (layup) that yields [see more]

Remembering Titanium

Remember in the late 90’s when titanium was all the rage? Manufacturers were going wild with the stuff and all of a sudden, we were seeing titanium in racquets, strings, balls, and even shoes! So what was the big fuss all about? Well, for one thing, when the word titanium gets thrown about most people [see more]

Donnay X-Red 99 Review

Donnay has re-entered the US market in a big way, or should I say, “thin” way?  The over-riding design of the new series is the thin beam.  Many players have longed for a thinner racquet to harness power among other things.  This Donnay X-Red will not disappoint these players. The beam at the tip is [see more]