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Catch the Flash!

If you’ve ever been faced with a situation where you’re trying to get a small piece of drill flash or perhaps a piece of a broken grommet out of the hoop of a racquet then this tip is for you. If, after you’ve battled for an unreasonable amount of time and you’re ready to give [see more]

Racquet Weight Theories: 300/315

That’s right, there are two theories and they are based on over thirty-five years in the tennis racquet business. The precursor to these theories is what was available when I started working with racquets.  It was hard to find a racquet that did not weigh over 340 grams (12 ounces), and these racquets were relatively [see more]

The Wimbledon Stringing Experience

In 2002 I found myself sitting in front of my computer reading an email from a person I had not yet met but one that would have a major impact on my life in just a few short months. The email read, in part “We look forward to you joining the team for the 2002 Championships, [see more]