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US Open Stringing Record!

Ron Rocchi reports;  as of 6:56PM today they have strung 461 racquets at the US Open!  This is, of course, is a tournament record.  I think they will do 548 total for the day.  What do you think?  Ron will let us know when he has a chance. 461, now that is a hurricane! Way [see more]

Controlled Costs for Tournament Stringing

There have been some rumblings going on within our industry that the ATP is set to institute a new “maximum charge” policy in 2012 for stringing services at challenger level events. The rumor is that they want to set a limit of $12 per frame for stringing. So, as a professional racquet technician who perhaps [see more]

The Evolution of Polyester

I remember having a conversation with Henman’s racquet technician, Ron Yu from P-1 not long after Henman had competed at Queen’s club, a premier tune-up to Wimbledon. He was having difficulty controlling the ball with his all natural gut string job, particularly on his approach shots, a key part of Henman’s serve-volley game. So, the [see more]

Fake or Genuine-Babolat Aero Pro Drive Cortex

One of the frustrations of dealing with a multitude of clients is the concept of buying a racquet for the absolute cheapest price available. What happens more often than not is the player ends up with what is commonly referred to as a “knock-0ff” or fake racquet. Of the many manufacturers of racquets the one [see more]