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Volkl Team Tour Review

I just received three (3) racquets from Volkl and randomly selected this one for the first review. This 100 square inch racquet with a street price of around $120.00 has many of the familiar Volkl values such as the “vibration control” grip system and a very worthwhile 100% coverage “bumper guard” grommet system.  Typical of [see more]

Becker Melbourne Racquet Review

This Boris Becker branded racquet epitomizes the “player” category in my opinion.  The 98+ square inch head and 20mm beam is a good start.  Add in the Delta Core material, the full bumper/grommet system, and 18 x 20 string pattern and I ask, what more could you ask for in a player racquet?  Well, how [see more]

Installing Build-Up Sleeves

How often have you had a new customer come in to have their racquet serviced and during the course of your initial interview, you find that the racquet they have is not the correct grip size? This happens all too frequently and as a racquet technician we have ways of fixing this problem. No, I’m [see more]

New BAIARDO Tool Trays

When Wilson introduced the new BAIARDO stringing machine and many of us got our first look there was no doubt that this machine was special. What’s nice about a company like Wilson is that they don’t rest on their laurels. If there’s room for improvements then you can bet that Wilson is going to figure [see more]

Alpha Phantom Review

This is the best looking Alpha stringing machine I have seen.  It appears to be manufactured by a different firm than previous machines.  I think the changes are quite obvious.                  Alpha Phantom   The all black Phantom looks impressive with the red adjustment knobs adding a positive highlight.   The Phantom has a introduction price [see more]

The Hundredth Monkey

Welcome to the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians Zoo! Just what is this hundredth monkey stuff and what in the world does that have to do with racquet service.  The hundredth monkey effect is a supposed phenomenon in which a learned behavior spreads instantaneously from one group of monkeys to all related monkeys once a [see more]

How Many Strings!

At my last count there are about thirty-five (35) string brands!   That’s brands!  I suppose every brand has at least ten (10) different  models, some have many more.  So how can we possibly keep our SKU’s  under control? If you are like me and want to try every new string  it can be costly. [see more]