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Tying off on Natural Gut

With an increasing number of hybrids, using the natural gut in the mains as opposed to what we may have believed was the standard of the polyester in the mains, has nudged me toward never tying off the polyester on a natural gut string. Why?  More of my customers are using thinner gauge polyester that [see more]

You Can’t Tell a Book (string) by it’s Cover!

I receive hundreds of sets of string to review.  If I reviewed by appearance only it would be a short process!  Many strings look to be exactly the same! Recently I received a few sets of string from a new source that looked precisely the same as another brand, including the twist.  It is a [see more]

Stringers Directory

IART has added a new Stringers Directory to the member benefits!  The Stringers Directory is available to members at no cost and provides a perfect place to promote your business! To set up your directory listing simply click on the “Find Stringers” button on the navigation bar then click on “Add a Listing” at the [see more]

Thanks for lunch, Mark!

I just had a marvelous lunch in Austin, TX at Juan in a Million with Mark Gonzales.  I think everyone in tennis knows Mark and knows that he is one of the best guys in the business!  I am not saying that just because he bought my lunch, I mean it! In between bites of [see more]

Myths of the Magical Stringer

He entered the shop with a casual swagger about himself but an obvious fog of self doubt lingered over his head like an ominous rain cloud. “I hear you’re the man, the guy who strings for the pros, the genius with an endless bag of tricks, the doctor with the cure for all that ails my game, [see more]

Finding a Racquet Technician

Sooner or later all tennis players will have to have their racket serviced. When that time comes, how do you know where to go? Who do you trust with your expensive racquet and to that end, how do you know this is the right person for the job? Are there specific things you should look [see more]

The Hybrid Revolution

  One of the most misunderstood concepts in racquet strings today involves that of hybrid stringing. Due to the increased popularity on the tour racquet stringers around the globe are fending off a volley of questions every day concerning the subject. Just what is a hybrid? Can it give me more power or control? The [see more]

Diary of a Wimbledon Stringer

  2004-third year in a row to work the Championships………. Every year in June the tennis world has its collective eyes focused on London England. Wimbledon is without a doubt the most coveted prize in professional tennis and for two weeks the world’s best players will grace the lush lawns of the AELTC.  Behind the [see more]