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Comparison Test : Diabolo or no Diabolo

Recently Alliance member Josh Newton raised the question of whether there would be tension variations when stringing with and without the use of the diabolo (see original post HERE ). Today I did a simple test in an effort to answer Josh’s question.  NOTE: IART has two corporate sponsors that we are proud to work with; [see more]

2010 Speed Stringing Contest


New Wilson BLX Six One 95 SMU Review

I received some Wilson BLX Six One 95 SMU’s for a client today.  I really like the look.  It seems be be a little brighter and with a “hip” relocation of “Wilson”, away from the center of the throat to slightly to the left, gives this racquet an updated appearance. The specifications are the same [see more]

Quiz: Natural Ratio…what is it?

What does “natural ratio” of a strung racquet mean? The first person to answer correctly will get a big smiley face!  Sorry, the people that took the quiz at the IART Symposium are not eligible for the big smiley face! 0

Swing Weight and How to Calculate it.

Thanks to IART member Richard Parnell for reminding me that calculating swing weight is easy and a little less expensive than an electronic device. To calculate swing weight you will need an accurate scale that weighs in grams and a balance beam of some sort that measures in centimeters. Step one is to weigh the [see more]