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Giving to Charities-Who Can You Trust?

When devastating events occur, such as the recent earthquake and tsunami that severely damaged large portions of Japan, charities tend to step up their solicitations for funding. It makes sense. When tragedy strikes, our awareness and our empathy level tend to rise and we’re in more of a mood to give generously to worthwhile causes. [see more]

Why a GSS Symposium

Ok it’s time for Tim to hop up on his soap box………….. Teaching professionals at the USPTA & PTR have had their own annual training events for years while the racquet technicians have had nothing. When I woke up and finally realized what was going on I ask the obvious question. “Why”? Who is taking [see more]

Stringer or Technician?

Just exactly what are you? Are you simply someone who laces string into a racquet or are you more than that? If you’re more than that wouldn’t you agree that you should be recognized and referred to with a title that more clearly describes what you do? Here’s some food for thought. You’ve all seen [see more]

Recent Survey

We recently ran a poll to see what category IART members fell into with regards to their business description. Here is the results of that poll: Retail Brick & Mortar=14.81% Home Based=40.74% Club/Pro Shop=11.11% Major Online Retailer=4.7% Coaches=3.7% Racquet Stringing/customization not home based=25.93% There are several things that I think this survey reflects, at least [see more]

White Stencil Ink

Hey everyone…….what are you using for white stencil ink? I’m looking for a good white ink and would like some input from members. The most recent I’ve tried is the Babolat Babol white for a player that’s headed for Del Ray next week so I guess we’ll see how that works. I know the old style [see more]

Aesthetics of Stringing

I wanted to post up something about the aesthetics of stringing because in my experience many stringers really don’t give this much consideration. For the record, IMHO, aesthetics in stringing plays more of a role than just how the string job looks from a visual stand point and I’ll provide an example in this post. [see more]

Ready for some Digital Tennis?

Babolat will introduce some “digital magic” in a new product scheduled to be presented at this years French Open!  It is my understanding the racquet will incorporate one or more accelerometers from which information can be downloaded to a computer for analysis. Included here is the “What’s Hot” content on the Babolat web site. This [see more]

Babolat Pure Drive + 100 ’12 Review

This is the longer version of the standard Pure Drive 100 measuring 69.85 cm (27.5 inches). As with the other new Pure Drives, the first thing you notice is the cosmetics. Completely redone, the new Pure Drives now incorporate a new technology within the cosmetics that should deter the dark side of the industry from [see more]