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GSS Symposium…..Yes it’s Important

Ok Alliance members……..Please allow me to hop up on my soap box for a minute. Recently I opened up the registration for the 2012 IART Symposium and I want to talk about why this event is vitally important for racquet technicians from around the world. Bringing this event to life was a methodical process that [see more]

Raising Money-Smart Kids: What Every Parent Should Know

It was easier to teach children the value of a dollar when cash was a more tangible commodity. Credit, stored value and gift cards have made money invisible – creating an extra challenging environment for instilling financial discipline in your kids. But don’t despair; despite the challenges, there are still ways to pass on your [see more]

Costs Keep Going Up – Are You Prepared?

Many people have likely experienced “sticker shock” this year as prices increased significantly at the gas pump and the grocery store. Consumers have no choice but to pay up, but rising costs can be a big challenge during retirement. Future retirees will be forced to dig deeper into their savings to maintain their desired lifestyle, [see more]

Prepare for Price Hikes

You can forgive Americans for being caught off guard by talk of the potential for more dramatic price increases in the coming years. For the past two decades, inflation has not been a significant concern. In only six years out of the last 20 has the inflation rate (as measured by the Consumer Price Index) [see more]

Babolat Pure Drive Roddick 12″ Review

The Babolat Pure Drive Roddick returns for 2012 with a great looking, but menacing, cosmetic re-do!  The gloss black shaft turns into a mat black head with the new “Pure Drive” name all over the racquet.  The graphic is not the only thing that is menacing, the overall weight and swing weight can be menacing [see more]

Jump-Start Your Student’s Post-Graduation Finances

That ceremonial toss of the mortarboard at graduation means your child has officially entered the next phase of his or her financial life.  Chances are that up to this point you’ve played a key role in his or her financial well-being. But don’t bow out just yet.  You can still help get your graduate on [see more]