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Oh the Things We See!

I recently had a Head Flexpoint 4 racquet brought to me for re-stringing. When I took a look at the tie-off knot at the top I just had to smile. This frame was last strung at one of the local country clubs and it’s pretty obvious that whoever did it had little knowledge of what [see more]

A Very Rare Opportunity!

How often do you have the chance to string eight (8) brand new racquets then bag them and keep them in storage for about seven (7) months!  Here is the story… Last October I received eight (8) of the new Head YouTek IG Series racquets for evaluation.  This involves collecting all the specific racquet data [see more]

A Wish List?

If you had to choose one thing that would really help your business what would it be?  As I look around my shop I see things that could only be imagined when I started doing racquet technology stuff.  I can’t even think what it would be that I really need.  What about you? Depending on [see more]

Center Cracks!

As most of you know I use stringing equipment that is unique, some would say odd, and you know who you are, so, I don’t run into some of the issues that are raised here. I have a Wilson Baiardo that I love!  It is a well designed and executed machine so when something comes [see more]

String Bed Stiffness Stability

Everyone talks about “tension loss” because it is a serious point that needs to be recognized by your client. Tension loss does occur and we know by watching tennis matches that at some point the player no longer feels comfortable with the racquet, bags it, and plucks another from their bag. Tension loss is just [see more]

Wonders of Wood!

Recently I was re-arranging my storage area and ran across three (3) brand new wooden racquets!  Yes, brand new with tags! There is a Wilson Jack Kramer Autograph, a Wilson Jack Kramer ProStaff, and a Slazenger Challenge No.1.  These racquets have been properly stored but I was still stunned at the condition of the leather [see more]

Yonex Cracks

How many of you have seen this particular problem with Yonex frames? Small hairline cracks at the tip and throat precisely where the inside billiards of the machine rest up against the racquet? (see photo right) Some Yonex frames seem to be particularly vulnerable to this problem but there are ways to prevent this from [see more]

Looking for a Racquet Technician?

The IART is the perfect place to find a dedicated racquet technician. The Stringers Directory is a growing resource for tennis players. Racquet technicians are quickly becoming members of the IART and will adding their businesses to the Stringers Directory to serve tennis players in their area. If you know a qualified racquet technician that [see more]