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RSI Online

For those interested here’s a link for pdf versions to RSI’s online magazine. I’ve been writing for this magazine for a few months now and re-posting those articles here on the Alliance web site. However, this link is a much better way to access those stories. There’s a good article in the August issue on [see more]

Dunlop Joins Sponsors at this year’s GSS Symposium

I’ve just received news today that Dunlop will be joining us at the 2012 IART Symposium. Dunlop has been a fixture in tennis for as long as I can remember and I’m pleased that the company has decided to be a sponsor this year. This means that we now have Babolat, Dunlop, Gamma, Wilson, & [see more]

Could be a Party!

I just took a quick look at the registrations for this year’s IART symposium and I see that there are 16 IART members attending. That’s enough of a reason for me to contact these people and make an effort to have a nice little Alliance member party this year. For those of you who haven’t [see more]

A New Look at Ashaway Crossfire

I recently strung up a set of the new Ashaway Crossfire + string for a young client of mine. The hybrid set I used consists of a half set of the new Kevlar Plus 17 and a half set of Ashaway’s standard synthetic gut 17. I’ve always thought that the Ashaway Kevlar was king of [see more]

A Call for String(s) to Review!

One of the important things at IART is the information and data we can provide to members.  As “racquet technicians” we need as much information about string as we can get!  Recently you may have noticed a lot of information about Ashaway string, specifically MonoGut ZX. This “flurry” of information is because MonoGut is a [see more]

Ashaway MonoGut ZX Update (7/19/2012)

Ashaway MonoGut ZX 16 Thanks to Steve Crandall at Ashaway I received a few more sets of MonoGut 16 for continued evaluation.  The package is slightly different in that it now has the “ZX”  identification, and the verbiage is slightly different.  I was anxious to get started to see if there is any difference between [see more]

Swing Weight Device Comparison Data

A few weeks ago I received an Alpha AccuSwing II. Shortly after I received the unit I did a brief article. This article will be a little more detailed and include swing weight data from the four (4) different devices I use. The Alpha AccuSwing II is a single function device meaning it does swing [see more]

What is Your Favorite String? Update 7.25.2012

I am really interested in finding out more about string preferences and there is no better group to ask than you!  Instead of trying to create a “poll” I just want you to reply to this article with one or two of your favorite strings.  Once I have some information from you we may be [see more]