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Symposium Question(s)

I am putting the finishing touches on my presentations for the upcoming IART Symposium. I look forward to seeing you all there! In the meantime if you have a question you would like to discuss during one of my presentations I would be happy to include it, time permitting. I am presenting “Racquet Customization”, “Understanding [see more]

Luxilon 4G – play test.

I was wondering if anyone has tried the new Luxilon 4G? We recently received a couple of seed sets, and were pleased with the string’s playability but felt that the RDC value fell too quickly, when Wilson claimed that 4G would hold tension longer. Our play testers felt that the string still exhibited good playing [see more]

Favorite String

I finally put together a Favorite String chart based on the strings members submitted as their favorite(s).  Some members did not submit a string for each category (you know who you are) and, some strings were not very specific, so PSG, becomes Prince Synthetic Gut without gauge. I think some of the strings may not [see more]

Special on double sided tape

GSS has just added a new 1″ x 72 yard (216 feet) roll of double sided tape to the online store at a great price. You can check it out by going HERE This is an exceptionally long roll of double sided tape and it’s priced to sell! 0

Serena Captures Gold at 2012 London Olympics

What can you say when someone dominates another world class player like Serena Williams did with Maria Sharapova in the finals at the Olympics? With a convincing 6-0, 6-1 win Serena sent a message that no, she’s not done and here’s why. This is a pretty amazing performance but one that also makes me feel [see more]

Opening New Tie-off Holes

By now most Alliance members are aware that we are big advocates of two-piece stringing for a number of reasons. I recently strung up a new Babolat frame and wanted to show you a photo of the new tie-off holes I used and then also what the end product looks like. So check out the [see more]

A Smart Approach to Municipal Bonds

Investors seeking a tax-advantaged source of income have long been attracted to municipal bonds. The appeal centers on the fact that municipal bonds offer income that is generally not subject to federal income tax and sometimes is free of state and local tax liabilities as well. Since the bonds are typically issued by state or [see more]